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Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 7th November 2023 Written Episode Update on

It’s her birthday today, so Savi will see why Ashwini doesn’t pick up her call on her birthday. Ashwini calls her back. She asks Ashwini how to disconnect her video call and is now voice-calling her. Ashwini tells her to calm down and says there is a network problem here, so she calls her. She wishes her a happy birthday and asks how she is doing. Because they are not with her this birthday, Savi says she is not fine.

After Ashwini asks her to imagine her presence around her, Savi says she should give Ninad the phone. Ashwini says he has gone out with Bhavani and will return home by evening. As soon as she disconnects the call, she thinks she is coming there to celebrate Savi’s birthday. She then calls Isha, who disconnects her call first and then a voicer calls her. She also gives the same excuse for a network issue and wishes her a happy birthday. What is happening today makes Savi wonder what is going on.

Savi rejoins her friends and reviews her presentation. They offer her birthday wishes, to which Savi responds by requesting them to keep her special day under wraps. As they chat, Durva walks past, and Savi quickly briefs her on the upcoming festival. Unfortunately, Durva tries to belittle Savi, prompting Preeti to question why she always seems to have an issue with Savi. Unfazed, Durva also insults Preeti. In response, Savi urges her friends to ignore Durva’s behaviour and focus on their tasks. Just then, Ishan and Shukla enter the room, and Ishan asks Savi if she is prepared for the presentation. She confirms that she is, and Ishan instructs Shukla also to gather everyone else.

As Shantanu calls Isha, he asks where she is. Isha says she needs another 1.5 hours. Shantanu says the presentation will end in 1.5 hours, so Isha needs to arrive before that time. Isha tells him not to vent his anger on her, and she will reach her based on traffic congestion. Shantanu asks her to calm down and disconnects the phone call. Ashwini tells Isha everyone is in a hurry. Shukla informs Shantanu that Ishan is calling him to the auditorium.

Shantanu calls Ishan and asks where he is. He informs him that Isha and Ashwini are 1.5 hours late. Ishan says it would be too late and gets angry with Shantanu for his mother’s mistake. Shantanu asks him not to get angry with him for his mother’s mistake. Shukla says they are running late. He says both the mother and the son are using him as a punching bag. Shantanu frowns at him as well.

During a student council meeting, Ishan asks Savi to start her presentation. Shantanu says we should wait for Yashwant. Nishi informs him that Yashwant has left after telling him. Ishan asks Savi to begin her presentation. Savi starts the presentation, followed by Durva. To conclude the meeting, Ishan asks Shukla to bring Bappa’s idol. Shukla says he forgot to get it. Sathe sir suggests using a photo on his mobile.

As Ishan nervously says that a metal idol is needed, Navya tells them there is one in Savi’s hostel room. Ishan asks Savi to bring the idol. Savi and her friends find an idol missing when they reach her hostel room. Navya says they should get her fast and silently video calls Ishan and shows him Savi’s treasure hunt as she finds the chit with the puzzle to reach the spot where she had lost her idol.

Ishan and Shantanu watch together as Savi rushes around, overwhelmed by the surprise. Curious, Shantanu questions Ishan’s motives for putting Savi through such chaos. Ishan reassures him that the result will make it all worth it for Savi. When Shantanu expresses concern about how their family will react to the surprise birthday party, Ishan explains that he will tell them he did it to make amends for past misunderstandings with Savi. Just then, Savi excitedly runs into Shantanu’s office, interrupted by Harini’s unexpected arrival. Overjoyed to see her friend, Savi embraces her and asks how she managed to enter without permission. Harini brushes off the question and hands her a note instead.

While travelling to another destination, Savi believes Durva and her friends are causing her trouble. However, she is taken aback upon reaching her destination to see Ish there. Initially thinking it’s just her imagination, Savi is overjoyed when Ish confirms it’s her. She eagerly asked if Ish didn’t answer her video call because she was also travelling to Pune. As it turns out, Ish had a reason to go to Pune and had planned to surprise Savi and wish her a happy birthday in person. She hands Savi a note with directions to the Saraswati pandal location. Savi follows the note and is pleasantly surprised to find Ashwini waiting for her there. Ashwini questions how Savi could miss such an important day and gives her heartfelt blessings.


Ishan gives Savi a surprise birthday party. Savi says it was her life’s best birthday party. Shukla points at Ishan. Ishan enters behind Ishan. Savi thinks Baji Rao organized the party for her. Baji gives her a rose. Ishan looks shocked.

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