Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 25th July 2023 Written Update

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 25th July 2023 Written Episode Update on

While Ishan is in his office, he recalls Riva’s betrayal. Suddenly, his dear friend Prateek enters and inquires about his unexpected presence. Ishan assures him that everything is fine. Prateek suggests they go outside and engage in some sports, but Ishan declines, stating that he is occupied with work. However, Prateek acknowledges that he was not there for Ishan during his time of need but promises to make up for it by cheering him up now. Despite Ishan’s refusal, Prateek insists on taking him out. Meanwhile, Shantanu is waiting for Savi and asks the watchman if she has come to visit him yet, but the reply is negative.

He calls Shantanu and asks who he is waiting for. Shantanu says he is waiting for a brilliant student. Yashwanth says he knows the deadline has passed and rules don’t change. Shantanu says she has a strong recommendation. Shantanu says his friend knows a person Yashwanth doesn’t know. Yashwanth says take him home if he doesn’t know him.

As Savi reaches college, he pays the auto driver money. Prateek smells tea from the cafeteria, insisting that Ishan follow him. The peon greets them and a dandelion flower falls on Ishan. When the watchman first visited his wife, a dandelion flower fell on him and he got married quickly, so looks like Ishan will also get married soon.

It’s a belief in his wife’s village which always comes true, says Ishan angrily. Prateek stops Peon and takes Ishan to the cafeteria. It falls on Savi as well. Autodriver says she will marry soon. Savi says she has already fled one wedding and wants to focus on her studies instead.

As Isha enters the principal’s office, she notices Bhavani, Mandar, and others present. The principal questions Isha about the conversation concerning her. Isha responds that she is not aware as she just arrived. Bhavani accuses Isha of manipulating Savi and helping her run away from her marriage. Isha suggests that if Bhavani truly believes this, she can file a police complaint. Vinu interjects, informing them that they have already done so. Isha points out that the police would have been here by now if a complaint was filed. In response, Bhavani rudely shouts at Isha as usual. The principal warns her to treat the teacher with respect. Ignoring the warning, Bhavani continues to assert that Savi was manipulated by Isha and vows to punish her once she locates Savi.

As Savi approaches Bhosale Institute late, she is mesmerized by its vast campus. Watchman stops her. Savi says she came to see Shantanu regarding admissions. Watchman says Shantanu left long ago and there are no students on campus. Watchman denies Savi’s request that she stay in hostel tonight and meet Shantanu in the morning.

Ishan stops his car when he sees them and asks the watchman what is going on. He is told a girl wants to meet Shantanu about admission and wishes to stay in the hostel tonight and meet Shantanu tomorrow. Ishan tells him admissions have ended and asks him to keep the girl away. Savi sees Ishan and runs behind his car. The watchman shoos her away and closes the gate.

As Bhavani says, Isha manipulated Savi into eloping on her wedding day. Isha says Savi had great hopes for her grandmother, but she was forced to elope to marry Samrudh, an alcholic, drug addict, and womanizer. Bhavani tells Isha she is cooking up a story. Mandar warns Isha not to speak badly about his son or else he will sue her. Ishan says she has proof. Principal asks Isha what happened when she visited Savi.

In Isha’s opinion, she gave evidence against Samrudh and left, followed by Bhavani and these people, so she sent Savi far away from Ramtek to prevent Bhavani from forcing her to marry Samrudh. Isha receives Savi’s call after Bhavani continues yelling. Isha excuses herself, asks the principal to take action against her for saving Savi from a drunken and cruel grandmother, and asks Bhavani to file a complaint against her.

When Harini recalls the physical and mental abuse she endured from her husband, she breaks down and tells Ashwini and Ninad she does not wish to return to him, but Bhavani won’t allow her to stay here long. She is assured by Ashwini and Ninad that they will protect her and won’t let her leave.

Prateek says the girl was in bridal attire. Ishan says even she must have run away chasing her dreams. Ishan expresses his hatred toward his mother and Riva and says all women are the same. Prateek says his mother would have left him because of her helplessness, and he hadn’t seen Riva, so he didn’t know how she was. He tries to cheer up Ishan. Isha picks up Savi’s phone and asks if Shantanu has met her.

Savi describes how she arrived institute late due to goons misguiding her and couldn’t meet Shantanu; she attempted to meet Ishan who misbehaved with Isha recently, but a watchman rudely ordered her away. Savi says her sister’s in-laws are here, but her sister herself is staying with them in Ramtek tonight. Isha asks her to wait there until she arranges something and asks her to eat dinner.


Ishan reaches the office and asks Savi what she is doing. Savi says she had to meet Shantanu about her admission. Peon lets Savi stay in Ishan’s cabin and asks her to vacate by 7 a.m. As soon as he finds out she came on Isha’s recommendation, Ishan gets mad and throws her bag at her, challenging her to get in if she can. Savi challenges him back in the same way.


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