Teri Meri Doriyaan 29th September 2023 Written Update


Teri Meri Doriyaan 29th September 2023 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

Angad asks Sahiba why she reaches wherever he goes if his concern looks like ego and show off to her. Sahiba says she’s here for work, so she cannot sit in the hostel room all day just because she is at risk; she wasn’t aware it was his function until she decorated the venue.

He says she must feel sad because she had to decorate his function. Sahiba says she doesn’t mind. Their argument continues as they continue to argue. Sahiba says she doesn’t want to return to a place she left and wouldn’t return to his house. Their argument continues. Sahiba walks away. Angad says even he doesn’t want her back home. Their argument continues.

Angad checks his chest wound. Sahiba notices blood on his shirt in a mirror and becomes concerned. Rumi thinks Angad has to pay for his crime now and cuts a chandelier rope over him. Sahiba notices that, runs and saves him just in time. Sahiba says yes to Angad’s question. Brars become concerned for Angad as the fire catches around them. The song Ek Dil Ek Jaan Hai plays in the background.

Seerat asks Angad why she turned, and Angad hugs her. She says she saw blood on his shirt. Manveer asks Seerat to save Angad. In the fire circle, Angad asks Sahiba why she saved him. Seerat gets jealous and calls Angad. Angad gets alert and asks Sahiba to reply. Seerat pulls him away, and Angad keeps holding Sahiba’s hand. Sahiba releases her hand.

It is Seerat who informs Angad that Manveer is worried about him and drags him away. Manveer and the entire family show their concern for him while ignoring Sahiba. As Sahiba limps out of the place injured and limping, Angad tries to run towards her, but Inder and Manveer stop him and tell him Veer will take care of her. Sahiba is surrounded by reporters who ask since when she has been separated from her husband.

Rumi records their video and asks how their relationship with their partner is, if they have children. A reporter asks what kind of question this is. Rumi asks how can they ask such questions when they feel uncomfortable. Sahiba warns them to spare him because otherwise he will viral their video of troubling a woman. Reporters walk away.

Then Rumi tells Sahiba he didn’t want to disturb her, but when he saw reporters bothering her, he had to intervene.

Sahiba says he is here on behalf of his father, a businessman, and insists that she follow him to a safer location. She holds his hand and walks. He thinks soon the two of them will not look so different. Veer searches for Sahiba. Angad walks to him and inquires about Sahiba. Veer says he does not know. Manveer asks why she shouldn’t leave Angad since Sahiba has ruined her son’s life. Seerat agrees with her.

Rumi discreetly takes Sahiba to a fuse room where she can have some peace from the media. Unbeknownst to Sahiba, he quietly locks the door and offers her a drink of water. Grateful, Sahiba apologizes for being abrupt earlier in the day. Meanwhile, Angad and Veer frantically search for Sahiba with growing frustration. Rumi notices Sahiba’s concern and kindly asks if she is injured, offering his kerchief as a bandage. As she recognizes the kerchief, Rumi recalls giving it to her before when they were alone in her room. He attempts to touch her feet but she stops him. Just then, Angad arrives near the fuse room and Rumi is quick to spot him.


Angad divorces Sahiba and marries Seerat, Manveer informs her family. While the family is shocked by the news, Seerat is happy. As Sahiba’s life is in danger, Angad forces her home and says she must stay. Manveer yells this shameless girl cannot stay in this house. His wife Sahiba is warned by Angad not to speak a word against her.


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