Suhaagan 18th August 2023 Written Update

Suhaagan 18th August 2023 Written Episode Update on

Bindiya is worried about Payal in the beginning of the episode. She comes to Baldev and asks him to give her permission to go out tomorrow. Baldev laughs and says someone is taking my permission for the first time. He asks her to go by car. She says she will go by auto. He insists. Krish says okay. She comes to Krish and says she will do mustard oil massage. Krish refuses and asks her to leave.

Payal gazes at her reflection in the mirror and urges her to catch a glimpse of Bindiya’s actions with Krish in the bedroom. She encourages her to strive for wealth and drive them apart. Payal exclaims that she will reign as the queen of the household, claiming everything as her own.
Later, Bindiya enters the room once again carrying a bowl of warm mustard oil. Upon seeing Krish asleep, she contemplates soothing his pain by massaging his back. While Bindiya massages him, Krish winces in discomfort. Suddenly, Payal barges into the room, startling them both. With shock written on her face, Payal thinks to herself that if her suspicions are true, she will have no choice but to leave Krish and this house. She declares that Bindiya has no idea what she is capable of doing.

Krish opens his eyes and inquires why Bindiya is massaging his back. Confused, he remarks that he doesn’t have any pain. Bindiya responds by affirming that he indeed does have pain. Teasingly, Krish asks if she is a doctor or an x-ray machine. However, Bindiya clarifies that she is simply his wife and she felt his discomfort. Krish then mentions a bad smell emanating from his body. Sympathetically, Bindiya reassures him that the pain has subsided. Frustrated, Krish pleads for her to leave him alone. Meanwhile, Payal carelessly deposits garbage into the AC generator which causes it to malfunction and emit a loud noise startling Bindiya into embracing Krish tightly. Concerned, Krish confirms that the bomb has not exploded but laments that their AC is now out of order too. Unable to sleep in such conditions, he bids goodbye and leaves the room.

Payal is waiting for Krish in her room, pleased with the success of her plan. As she opens the door, she sees Bindiya and Krish already inside. Bindiya kindly asks if they can sleep in her room since Krish cannot sleep without AC and Payal’s room’s AC is not functioning. Payal acknowledges this and points out that only one of them can stay due to a half-wet bed. Bindiya wonders how the mattress got wet, to which Payal confesses she accidentally spilled water while carrying a jug. Understanding their predicament, Bindiya offers for Krish to sleep in the bed while she is accustomed to sleeping without AC or fan. As Krish settles in, Bindiya notices Payal’s injury and immediately offers to help bandage it before telling him to get some rest. As Payal watches them, she believes she has stopped them tonight but knows there is more she can do tomorrow.

The next day, Bindiya is preparing to leave when Sakshi stops her. Bindiya kindly offers to drop her in the upgraded luxury car instead of the usual tractor. However, Sakshi insists on taking the car and Bindiya agrees to take an auto instead. She reminds Sakshi that without the car she cannot go out. In the meantime, Baldev overhears their conversation and finds it amusing that Bindiya is not materialistic and only desires love. He decides to reveal this about her to everyone. At Payal’s college, Bindiya asks around for her sister but is told by a friend that Payal is an orphan. Bindiya explains that she is her sister, but the friend suggests waiting at the canteen as she has a lecture soon. While at the canteen, Bindiya notices a group of guys and wonders if one of them could be Payal’s love interest.

After receiving a call from someone, Payal finds out that the lady came to inquire about her. Payal believes that Krish’s witch bhabhi must have been trying to inquire about her. She sees Sakshi returning from shopping, and calls someone to find out about the lady. A friend sends a picture of Bindiya.


Payal gets worried when Bindya calls Krish to meet him at the college. Krish arrives.


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