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Rekha asks Bhim to do yoga and asks him to take off his shirt at the start of the episode. As Madan thinks Rekha is doing it right, Bhim refuses. Madan signals her to pull his hands. She pulls his hands. Bhim screams in pain. She asks him to open his shirt button at least so that he can do the asana correctly.

Bhim shouts. Phoolwati comes out and scolds him. Bhim says Rekha insists he does yoga. Madan signs Rekha. Rekha tells Phoolwati she won’t joke with Bhim anymore. Afterwards, Dadi tells everyone they will go to the city. Everyone reacts differently. Dadi says only you two will go. Phoolwati thinks they will lose everything. Payal is happy and packs her bags.

When Dadi looks at the family card that fell down, Bindiya tears it, separating Dadi from them. Dadi asks what did you do? Bindiya says you are not with us in this picture, and says why would you want to separate yourself from us when I feel so bad without you? Dadi says in the city.

As Indiya says, you are my village and city, my whole world, I cannot leave you. Phoolwati asks Amma how she can make such a strict decision. Amma replies I cannot live without them. She says Madan helped her understand that there are hundreds of benefits to girls in the city as compared to the village.

Amma says you have opened my eyes, recalling Madan asking her to think about them. He says you can get the best treatment in the city, and the girls will be educated there. Phoolwati realizes Rekha distracted her with Bhim. Madan asks Amma to take the girls from here since she wants to live her remaining life here.

In response, Madan asks her to come. Phoolwati says Amma can’t go. Amma says they should take the girls. Bindiya refuses to go without Dadi. Phoolwati smiles. Bindiya asks Amma if she wants them to leave her.

Many biggies have attended village schools and home schools, she says, including Rajendra Prasad and Rabindranath Tagore. Payal says Dadi said we should go. Bindiya says we won’t go. Payal says we will go. Phoolwati asks Payal not to argue. Payal goes out. Madan thinks he should take them all from here.

Indiya comes out behind Payal and tries to explain. She says if Dadi won’t feel bad and asks if we can stay without her. If we can stay without Dadi, Payal says Maa and Baba’s memories, Ram Pyaari, and our home are here. Payal says she is bored.

Indiya says we are like pearls and that if we break, the necklace will break as well. Payal claims the necklace broke after Maa and Baba left. Payal tries to convince her, but then tells her she will go anyway. Bindiya says they are good, but thinks that Dadi will be left alone, and he can’t take care of them. Payal says you’re a bad sister and don’t think about me.

Phoolmati comes and laughs at Madan for his planning. Madan says Bindiya has become trouble for them. Rekha asks him why his plans failed. Madan is angry with Bindiya.

Bindiya asks Payal, “Will you live without us?” Payal replies that if I can live without my parents, I can live without you and Dadi as well.

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