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Manmeet says to Meet yesterday Bapy Sarkar and Mahendra were drinking alcohol and didn’t sit with them. They must have planned something, so be careful going back. You can go if you don’t care about you. If something happens to you, I won’t fight with you. Meet says okay.

One of Mahendra’s men receives a call about Meet’s location, he tells Mahendra that she is seen in the market. Mahendra tells his men that we have to kill her or else I won’t be able to meet Bapu Sarkar. After Sarkar thinks about Manmeet’s kidnapping, he walks out. Gunwanti tells Jasodha not to worry.

When a bow walks up to her in the market, she tells him, “Don’t cry and take me to your mother.” The boy takes her to a remote location, where Meet says nobody is. She walks towards her mother’s body, and Mahendra hits her head with a stick, then makes her lie on white clothes and chants prayers for dead people as they take her through the market.

As they take her to the factory, they place her on a saw blade table. Meet shouts leave me. Mahendra makes fun of her and asks his man to cut her into two pieces like wood. Meet shouts for help. Mahendra says I am lucky to see her die. My brother brought me to your family, Meet says.

Mahendra says he married you just to revenge. Gunwanti calls Mahendra and says Ajay has kidnapped Manmeet. Mahendra is unable to hear anything due to a low signal and disconnects the call. His life is in danger and he says he has to leave and watch out for Meet, who is smart. He leaves the premises.

Mahendra walks to her telling her that you are dying and to shut up and take God’s name in prayer. Meet shouts you are doing the wrong thing. Manmeet would never do anything like this.

Seeing that Meet must be at home at this time and not picking up the phone, Manmeet worries about her. Ajay says you love Meet a lot, which is why you are worried. Manmeet says to Ajay I don’t love Meet. Ajay says you still worry about her. As soon as the marriage ends, Manmeet believes he will leak your video due to fear of humanity. It must be Meet, Sarkar says to his son and brother, asking Narendra to call Mahendra and tell him to let Meet live. Narendra says I tried calling him, but I could not connect, he is in Kalipur where we often have network problems.

Sarkar insists on putting off Meet’s demise, as it is about his son; he desires to have him back. As he arms himself with a gun, Badri takes Imarti along. Jasodha turns to Sarkar and says she did everything he requested of her, and after 24 years she got her son back – that if something happens to him she will take her own life and pleads for him to be returned to her. Sarkar assures them all that Manmeet will soon be standing in front of Jasodha unharmed, and they leave.

As Meet starts coughing and says she needs water, Mahendra’s men make fun of her. Meet asks if they will give her some water and if they don’t, she’ll haunt you as a ghost.

One of the men gets water for her. Meet drinks water and spits it on the main switchboard. The machine keeps working. Sada says I understand all your tricks I’ve been doing this for a long time; however, one thing you need to know is in some time, this cutter machine will cut you in two and you won’t be able to do anything else.

As Ajay talks with Sarkar, the latter asks what you want, your son or a new wife. Sarkar says you’ll get your girl, don’t hurt my son, and throws back his phone with the call still connected. Badri says I’m scared for Meet, and I can’t interact with men in the factory. Manmeet hears everything.

My life was in danger and I took it so lightly, I had to rush out and save Meet. As a light flickered next to him, he saw himself standing beside him. He said, “Let her die. You can be happy that her chapter will be over soon, and then she will be out of your life and you will be free.” But Manmeet says he doesn’t want her to die.

As a sign of love, Manmeet asks are you in love with her because hate doesn’t care about the person whether they die or be alive. She stood up for my mother, says Manmeet. Other Manmeet says Jalebi is gone, so let Meet go as well, and think of you, Shagun and your family will be happy together. In your opinion, Manmeet is right, I wanted Meet out, and she will die and I will be free.

As Meet gets closer to the blades, she wonders if this is how things will end. The saw cuts into Meet’s cuffs, and Manmeet jumps in and rescues her. Manmeet wipes Meet’s tears and jumps aside. Meet hugs him. Manmeet hugs her back.


One of the goons says to Manmeet we have orders to kill her so you cannot take her alive. Manmeet and Meet defeat all the goons. Meet asks Manmeet first if our plan worked. Manmeet says they did not get married. Sarkar sees Manmeet and Meet shaking hands.

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