Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 3 30th May 2023 Written Episode

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 3

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 3 30th May 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Ram calling Yuvraj and asking him to get the files home. Yuvraj says I’ll get it. He tells Priya to go to the restaurant, he will be there soon. Priya says no, we’ll wait in the car, just come soon. Ram says we’ll find out about Yuvraj, and I’ll talk to him about Pillu.

His mother shows him his favourite Sarla Aunty. He says she isn’t my favourite. She says his daughter Mahira is beautiful. He says you find everyone beautiful. She says she follows a cooking show. He asks did she win. She answers no.

A lady and her daughter greet Ram. His mother asks Ram to give a job to the daughter of a friend. Ram says Alika handles my legal matters, talk to her. Kriti enters. When Ram’s mum sees her, she asks him who this girl is, what is going on, if is there any relation, if she has misbehaved with me, is she your girlfriend.

She says she’s just a friend. She says she’s going to hit me with her car. He worries. Kriti greets him. She sees his mom and turns away. Ram says there is a misunderstanding. He says you called my mom fat and old. I called her friends, don’t be upset, I’m nervous, don’t tell her that we’re in a relationship, she hates me, let me handle it. She apologizes to Ram’s mum. Ram’s mother scolds her.

As Kritika apologizes to her, Ram watches. Yuvraj arrives and takes the file. Neha sees Akhil and shows it to Priya. Avinash says Ram, your dad used to say, family is everything. Ram says yes. His aunt asks Ram to meet Akhil. Ram says Sona looks happy, I will see work later.

Yuvraj comes to Ram. Priya asks Neha to stop. Neha says Akhil is my soul mate. Priya tells Neha no, he isn’t. Ram asks what’s Pillu, tell me, I asked you, do you have anyone in your life, you said no, I respect you as a family member, it won’t be good for you if you lie to me, it’s fine if you have a girl in your life, it’s not okay to date Alika just for the sake of money.

In the afternoon, Yuvraj sees Akhil. Priya says Akhil is moving on, stop crying, he is not worth it. Ram says Alika told me, you hesitated, it means that you are hiding something. Neha says Yuvraj is loyal, he won’t do this to you. Yuvraj says no, I don’t love her.

Ram asks what you mean. Neha says this is Ram’s house, Akhil is getting engaged to Ram’s cousin. Priya thinks to tell Yuvraj. Yuvraj says she is calling again. Ram says just answer the phone. He goes. Priya says I am going in, Akhil is inside, he is marrying Ram’s cousin. Yuvraj says I will call back.

She has come here following me, she is outside, I’m trapped, I’ve broken up with her, I don’t love her, and she is after me. Yuvraj lies to Ram and runs to stop Priya. He says leave, it’s over, just go away. Priya starts sobbing when Yuvraj says he doesn’t want to be with her. He says I don’t love you, just go. Ram watches.

She asks how you can end a 6-year-old relationship like this. Yuvraj says I felt bad for you before, don’t drag this relationship, accept this, I don’t love you. She says don’t say this. He says I’m done, stop following me. Priya cries and leaves. Ram watches. Yuvraj can’t do this with me, she says, he’s lying, it’s not true.

Ram says I spoke to him, Pillu is his ex, he meets her out of respect. I didn’t see her face, but it’s clear Yuvraj isn’t cheating on you, he doesn’t love that girl, she would be devastated, and I feel bad for her. I feel bad for that girl, too, and Alika says I’m very happy because Yuvraj doesn’t have anyone. It was a pure heart, meet Yuvraj, and he would be feeling bad. She leaves. Ram’s mother comes and asks what happened. He says nothing. She says you don’t get stressed about work, meet my friend’s daughter.

She asks what, who is she, can I call her? He says I can’t call her here. She says I will meet her. He says I don’t want to marry right now. She says I want you to marry now. He says I am not alone.

She says you are alone, this crowd is with you because you have money, status and name, we came to Mumbai, Shardul, you and me, we had no one with me, the people are here because of your money, if you lose everything, they’ll leave you, I want you to marry a nice girl, who supports you, you think I’m forcing you.

Shardul asks Ram to console his mother. Guard says you can go inside. Priya goes. Ram looks for his mother. He asks the guard to check the front entrance. He asks another guard. Ram hears Priya crying and thinks it’s his mother. He consoles her and says I love you a lot. Priya comes to the door and hears him.


Priya is given the roses by Ram, who says he does not need them and should give them to someone who does.

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