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As Anuj returns from Ahmedabad, Little Anu holds his hand and asks if mummy came along. Anuj says no. Little Anu says he made a mistake, but he did not apologize. Anuj nods. She asks if they fought because of her and says she would have forgiven him if he had apologized to her.

Whether little Anu thinks mummy doesn’t love him is wrong; mummy loves her so much that she let her go with Maaya on her insistence, and she had asked mummy to convince Papa.

She recalls the incident and says she went with Maaya as she was alone, she wants to stay with both Maaya and her parents, but how will she stay with them when papa fought with mummy and separated from her, she needs them both, Mummy loves her more than Maaya, she misses mummy, papa should be with mummy and they both need one another. Her late night sleep has caused Anuj to emotionally hug her, begging her to go to sleep.

Kanta tells Anupama that she didn’t want her to wait for Anuj for the same reason, but when Anupama had hope, she agreed, thinking they would reunite, but Anuj did not meet her and demonstrated that she and their relationship don’t matter to him, so Anupama should accept this decision as soon as possible.

As Anuj recalls Little Anu’s words and Anupama remembers Kanta’s words, Kavya offers Vanraj sweets and says he must be craving sweets since Anuj and Anupama didn’t meet and he got whatever he wanted. As Vanraj rages, she asks why she is eating sweets when she didn’t get what she wanted.

In Kavya’s opinion, Vanraj and Leela will never be able to fulfil their wish because Anupama became Anuj’s and would never be Vanraj’s again. Anupama became Anuj’s. Kavya says she can digest it, but he shouldn’t eat it because sugar does not suit him after a certain age. Vanraj stands fuming.

Samar assures Dimple not to worry as their marriage will happen for sure; he has already informed his family about his firm decision regarding his divorce. Dimple fears his family will brainwash him and says they will be the biggest problem. Samar says he won’t let that happen, so she should trust at least him, if not his family; Leela won’t change at this age, so it is best to stay alone after marriage to avoid fights.

Dimple says he is taking this decision, but his family will blame her. Samar tries to explain, but she gets adamant and says Anuj will take the blame. Samar says Anuj doesn’t want to take up his own responsibility.

Dimpy asks why he says that. Samar says Anuj left without meeting mummy, so why would he take responsibility for them when he doesn’t even know mummy? A fight with Anupama does not mean he is nothing to them, Dimpy says. Samar says that if he is nobody to his mother, then he is nothing to Dimple and she doesn’t need to talk to him; he does not want to keep a relationship with a person who has hurt him.

Dimple says Anupama hurt Anuj instead since Anuj lost his daughter as a result of Anupama. Samar shouts that’s enough; he won’t support her in this matter; Anuj hurt his mother and left without meeting her. Every time Anupama makes a mistake and then shows attitude, Dimple says she should have met Anuj then. Samar gets angry and warns her not to speak against his mother.

Samar stands stunned as Dimpy says she won’t care if any of Anuj’s family members attend their wedding, she will marry him if he is okay with it or will rethink it.

In the morning, Vanraj walks up to Anupama and says he came to meet her because he was worried when she didn’t answer his calls. In addition to Hindi, Gujarati, and broken English, Anupama explained to him in all three languages that she does not need his concern at all; she doesn’t need his friendship, wisdom, or anything else because she is fine the way she is, and he ought to stop bothering her.

In fact, Vanraj says he even wants her to stop worrying if Anuj doesn’t bother and has moved on; even though he knows 3 languages and wants to explain that he is always there for her. Bhavesh asks if this man has any shame or not. Anupama vents her frustration and says she wants to concentrate on her work now. He refixes the academy board and walks away.

During breakfast, Leela asks where Vanraj went. Kavya says where else but Anupama’s house. Leela says just like Anirudh runs towards Kavya. Kavya warns her not to drag Anirudh in between. As Vanraj returns, Leela offers to invite Anupama to stay at Shah’s house so she can handle Samar’s wedding arrangements.

Leela asks how their Anupama is and asks Samar where Dimpy is. Samar sits silently. Leela asks Samar if he broke up with Dimpy. Samar angrily says yes, now everyone should be happy. It seems that Vanraj is going insane; first, he wanted to break ties with Dimple’s family and now he wishes to break their wedding plans.

Leela shouts that Samar should serve Prasad in the temple since her wish has been fulfilled, and she continues to shout as she walks away. As Kinjal says, Dimple will calm down and their fight will be over. Leela hopes Samar and Dimple don’t fight forever as Anuj and Anupama did. Hasmukh looks at her angrily. Kinjal receives a message and reacts with shock.

Little Anu is fed breakfast by Anuj. Maaya messages someone and informs Little Anu they will take part in a storytelling session today. Little Anu is delighted and asks Anuj if he remembers what he is going to do today. Little Anu replies yes. Maaya asks what it is. Anu says Papa will apologize to Mummy, and they will all live happily together.

When Maaya tries to move on, she fumes and thinks fate doesn’t support her. Hearing the doorbell, she opens the door and finds Pakhi standing. When she hears Pakhi went to Mumbai to meet Anuj, Vanraj reacts. Hasmukh asks what’s wrong with Pakhi showing concern for her mother. Vanraj says Pakhi shouldn’t meet Anuj and will call her and ask her to return.

Barkha panics when Ankush informs her that Pakhi went to Mumbai to meet Anuj after leaving a note for him and has switched off her phone. She warns Adhik will kick them out if he patches things up with Anupama.

Ankush laughs at her and says he didn’t stop Pakhi when she told him and left since even he wants Anuj and Anupama to reunite. Ankush says he is not part of her plot and once Anuj returns he will kick Barkha out of the house. Barkha shouts if he has gone mad, Anuj will kick them out.

Pakhi calls Anupama to bring her documents from Kapadia house, but finds her phone switched off. As Barkha stands stunned, Anupama thinks about opening a new bank account for her dance school. Anu is delighted to see Pakhi and says she will take a break from school to play with her. Pakhi tells her she needs to go to school so she can talk to Anuj.


Despite Kavya’s dreams, Anupama will never return to Vanraj. Pakhi informs Anupama that she is at Anuj’s house in Mumbai, and the speaker on the phone is on. Anupama gets emotional.

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