Anupama 19th July 2023 Written Update

Anupama written update

Anupama 19th July 2023 Written Episode Update on

Anupama continues to recount her experience of encountering Maaya’s imaginative ghost and following her intuition. She shares that upon landing, she noticed several missed calls from the orphanage and returned the call to find out that CA was there. It was almost too coincidental that both of them were in Mumbai at the same time. Anupama believes this is a sign from god. As she arrived at her Bebli, she couldn’t help but think that Maaya wanted the same thing. She vividly remembers how Maaya’s ghost appeared, gesturing for her to take care of Bebli, before disappearing. Anuj had asked what she saw at the ashram, and Anupama replies with certainty that she saw Maaya.

Her goal was to become Sweety’s mother years ago, but now she is CA’s mother. She sacrificed her dream for CA’s sake, but a mother within her is happy now and then. The Shah family joins her with folded hands as she apologizes to Guru Maa for doing wrong to her in lieu of doing right to her daughter.

An guru’s blessing can make a teacher’s life easier and a curse can destroy her completely, says Guru Maa. She thought of giving Gurukul’s responsibility to Anupama and dying peacefully, but now until she is alive, she will not let Anupama live peacefully; she will destroy Anupama completely until she is alive and no Shah or Kapadia will be able to save her; the three of them saw a great mother’s greatness and now will witness her destruction.

Anupama recalls Guru Maa’s slap and challenge while making CA sleep after some time. Anuj applies warm compresses to her cheek. Anupama says the pain will go away, but not Guru Maa’s anger. Guru Maa has a right to get angry, and she has a right to apologize, and she should continue apologizing until Guru Maa forgives her.

At Shah house, Vanraj recalls Malti Devi’s anger and informs the family that Anupama’s presence was unwelcome as Malti Devi would not hesitate to harm her. Hasmukh reminds them of the guru’s curse, while Kinjal points out that a true teacher would never curse their student. Leela adds that regardless of the validity of the curse, it will undoubtedly affect Anupama. To this, Kavya agrees with Kinjal and mentions not informing Samar about the incident. Leela supports her decision while Toshu echoes Kinjal’s sentiment of Malti Devi’s curse being unjustified towards Anupama. Dimpy brings up the losses incurred by Malti Devi, but Toshu assures everyone that Anuj will take care of it. In conclusion, Dimpy states that no artist should have their reputation stained in such a manner.

Vanraj questions why Anupama returned when she realized her mistake. Kavya also wonders what other choice she had. Toshu compares Anuj’s actions to his own, stating that if Anuj could go to Mumbai for Maaya, he should be able to go to the USA as well. Hasmukh intervenes, asking them to put an end to their argument. He reminds them that Anupama followed her heart and it was not a wrong decision. Vanraj expresses his concern over Malti Devi’s potential anger and how it may affect them all. Leela points out that they shouldn’t suffer because of one person’s mistake. Dimpy supports Vanraj’s viewpoint. Toshu worries about Malti Devi’s uncontrolled anger and how she won’t consider any interruptions from others. Leela hopes for Malti Devi’s forgiveness towards Anupama. Dimpy raises the question of what they will do if Malti Devi doesn’t forgive her.

Bringing coffee to Anuj, Ankush asks how Anupama is. Anupama says she’s burdened by a storm of sorrows, guilt over the death of Maaya on one side and Guru Maa’s anger on the other. Even then, Anupama worries about CA. According to Anuj, he does not know what Malti Devi will do next. Anuj says he will pay Malti Devi back for her losses and take legal action, but will not let her harm Anupama.

Malti Devi will attack for sure, Anuj says. Anupama hears what Anuj says. Malti Devi recalls Anupama’s betrayal. Ankush hopes Malti Devi forgives Anupama. Nakul tells her not to get tensed as he convinced sponsors to adjust losses for future events and will make sure she incurs very little loss. Malti Devi says it isn’t about losses, but the betrayal of Anupama.

Malti Devi says Anupama is not entirely wrong. Nakul asks where he will go if he leaves Anupama because she is his guru, mother, everything. Malti Devi says Anupama is proud of her motherhood and she will attack her motherhood now. She hums a song and relaxes.

In the morning, Anupama performs tulsi pooja and sings a bhajan. Kanhaji opened two paths towards her, one towards her dreams and another towards her family, and she chose the family path since her mind is always with her family. She is proud of her decision and wishes to have strength to keep walking on it for a long time and fulfilling the promise made to Maaya.

She prays for Maaya’s peace of soul, Anuj and CA’s happiness, Shah family’s happiness, and Guru Maa’s peace of mind. She then talks to Maaya’s photo and says her daughter is in deep sorrow with her death and she promises to get her out of her sorrow soon, says she has planned something special for her daughter today.


Anupama broke Malti Devi’s contract, Dimpy confirms in a news report. Leela says she warned them that Dimpy would destroy their house. Dimpy says she didn’t say anything wrong. Vanraj says Anupama doesn’t know a storm is coming. Anupama is made to dance to the Sheela Ki Jawani song by Guru Maa.

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