Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 11th July 2023 Written Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata hain

Written Episode of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, 11th July 2023 on

The scene begins with Abhinav questioning Akshara’s refusal. She responds by saying that he has taken away her happiness and did not stop their son, so she won’t sing the aarti. Manjiri intervenes and suggests they start the aarti now. Abhir arrives and sings Akshara’s aarti in her place. This brings back memories for Abhimanyu. The others applaud Abhir’s performance, with Ruhi complimenting him on his singing abilities. Abhir modestly replies that his mother sings better than him. Anand suggests that since Abhir sings so well, he should take over the aarti now. He hands it to the children, but before joining them, asks Abhir to call him “Papa.” He quickly corrects himself and says any variation of “Dad” would be fine as well, even “Doc Man.” Happy tears stream down his face as he embraces his son and everyone smiles at the heartwarming moment.

Akshara surprises Kairav and Muskaan by bringing them to a new location. Curious, they ask where they are being taken to as they walk through the darkness. Akshara turns on the lights and reveals a beautifully decorated spot for a romantic date. Abhinav comments on the perfect setting for a date, to which Kairav dismissively responds that it wasn’t necessary. However, Abhinav insists that it is important for their happiness. Muskaan then voices her concern about their own happiness while Akshara reminds them that sadness will come and go like relatives, but they should focus on staying happy. Kairav empathizes with their situation, but Akshara reassures them that she and Abhinav will take care of each other while they should focus on their own relationship. In an inviting tone, she asks them to come and have a seat.

As Akshara and Abhinav depart, Kairav expresses gratitude for having such considerate siblings who protect us from any harm. Abhinav receives a call and mentions that living in a small house is not an issue, but they should hurry, thanking the person on the other end. He then notices Manish’s presence and apologizes for causing any trouble. However, he questions how long they can continue being a burden and expresses their desire to take Abhir with them. He clarifies that they only plan on staying in Udaipur for his sake and asks Manish not to stop them from reuniting with their family. Manish feels excluded and Abhinav reassures him that it was never their intention to make anyone feel like an outsider, but they are uncertain of what the future holds and how much longer they will need to stay in Udaipur.

Manish expresses his desire for all of us to live together under one roof, as much as we want. He believes that if a bahu can be considered a daughter, then surely a son-in-law can also be treated like a son. Our family will remain united, and no one will leave. Abhinav acknowledges that he and Akshara are standing strong because of Manish’s support. Manish cannot forgive himself if Abhir chooses to leave due to the court proceedings. He feels guilty about the distance between them and pleads for him not to leave. Dadi and Suwarna observe this emotional exchange. Manish apologizes and promises to convince Abhinav to stay with us. Suwarna joins in, requesting him to agree as well. Surekha suggests calling Neela and the neighbors over since our home is like a Dharamshala (pilgrim’s lodging). Abhinav agrees to stay here with us, and Manish assures him that although they cannot take away his grief, they can bear it together as a family. They share a heartfelt hug.

Akshara prepares breakfast and jam, but Kairav kindly requests that she not work any harder. She explains that the jam was specifically made for Abhir, to which Muskaan reassures that Abhimanyu will ensure Abhir’s needs are met. However, Akshara raises a valid question about how Abhimanyu will get the jam. Manjiri offers oats to Abhir as Ruhi adds some humor to the conversation. Mahima announces that Parth will be joining their hospital today, causing Anand to question why she is asking him when the decision has already been made. In the meantime, Abhimanyu arrives with bread and jam, apologizing for buying it from the market instead of using Akshara’s homemade jam. Ruhi suggests asking Akshara to send some jam over, but Abhir insists that he is fine with what he has. He then turns to his grandfather and asks for toast, or if it’s too much trouble, he can just stick with his current breakfast.

Aarohi promises to prepare the food instead of her mother, guaranteeing that no one can replicate her unique method of toasting. Abhir, unconvinced, insists on having it regardless. Manjiri inquires about the school admission form being filled out, and Abhimanyu confirms that it has been completed. He reassures her that their child will undoubtedly secure a spot at that particular school. However, Abhir realizes he will need to attend a new school and is slightly apprehensive about the change. Fortunately, his mother will accompany him for his interview the following day, bringing a smile to his face. Meanwhile, Manjiri expresses concern about the situation while Akshara fills out the school form and adds her son’s photograph. In contrast, Abhinav enters in tears and reminds her that she is still Abhir’s mother despite their separation.


Abhir should know that his father’s name is Abhimanyu, not Abhinav. Akshara comes. Manjiri scolds her. Akshara begs Abhimanyu not to take Abhir away from us. She is afraid that he will become like you.

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