Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 19th November 2023 Written Episode Update: Festive Celebrations and Emotional Confessions

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hain 19th November 2023 Written Episode Update on

The Episode begins with Dadi’s request for Armaan to take the diya, which he does and places it down. With the hope of finding Ruhi, he offers his prayers. The rest of the family enjoys playing with crackers while Armaan takes Rohit aside to discuss their conversation with a certain girl. Rohit asks if they have spoken to her already, to which Armaan confirms that she is his client and that Rohit has the information they need. Without further delay, Rohit leaves, and Armaan expresses his disinterest in talking to Abhira due to her constant chatter. However, as fate would have it, he hears an anklet sound, and soon after, Vidya interrupts, asking him to distribute some items at the temple. In the midst of all this, Armaan remembers his earlier request for Rohit to give him the chit containing information on their potential love interest. Vidya then inquires if he has any other tasks at hand.

Armaan dismisses the importance of anything else compared to Dadi’s words and leaves. Vidya inquires about his visit to Goenkas’ house, and Rohit confirms that he saw Manish and his wife with another aunty. Vidya asks if there is a girl present, unaware that Dadi is listening. She specifically wants to know about Ruhi, causing Armaan to blush before excusing himself for work. Dadi also asks about Ruhi, and Vidya can’t help but notice Armaan’s blushing today. They both smile in response, and Dadi states it now feels like a festive occasion. Abhira then places diyas around the house, including one with Goenkas’ and Armaan’s photo on display.

As Yuvraj’s reflection catches her eye, he greets her and grabs her before she stumbles. Armaan arrives at the temple, his mind consumed by thoughts of Ruhi. He nearly trips on the stairs, but Ruhi appears and holds out a tray as the romantic tune of “Dil dhadakne lage” plays in the background. They both pray, and as she turns to leave, he implores her to listen to him. But she dismisses it as mere infatuation, causing him to plead with her for just one chance to speak his heart.

Meanwhile, Abhira is kidnapped, and Yuvraj tries to comfort her by asking which engagement ring she likes. He acknowledges that a good girl like her would need her mother’s approval so that they will call her there. Just then, Akshara’s voice calls out for Abhira, and she rushes off after receiving a call. In a conversation between Armaan and Ruhi, they express their longing for each other and how they have both made attempts to meet or call in the past. Finally, Armaan reveals that he believes their relationship was fated from the start, and no matter what obstacles come their way, Mata Rani will unite them.

He asks Abhira to choose the ring. She argues Akshara looks for her, and Abhira says let me go. He forces her to wear the rings. He told me to tell him which one was best. If you are unable to decide, I will call Sasumaa. Abhira says fine, contact her. You’ll know what mother is. Surekha says you might be here for something. Vidya says yes, we’re here for something important.

She says we got Rohit’s proposal for Ruhi. She gives the shagun. They are surprised. Armaan and Ruhi hold hands and walk. He says every day is Diwali, when one gets love, so let’s celebrate it. They burn crackers. It was a pleasure to meet you. I hope you like it as well. Vidya says Ruhi is perfect for Rohit, and you like our Rohit. We are pleased, too. Manish says we don’t know what Ruhi is feeling. Suwarna recalls Ruhi’s words.

Vidya reassures, “Don’t worry, we won’t go against their wishes in this relationship.” Surekha adds, “Before making any decision, you should know about Ruhi’s parents.” Vidya agrees, explaining that they are not concerned about her past and only want Rohit to marry Ruhi. She emphasizes that the young couple themselves should make the final decision. She also mentions that they have grown fond of Ruhi and are looking for a daughter-in-law who can keep the family united. They noticed Ruhi’s longing for family when they saw her with her own loved ones—Manisha chimes in, sharing her observation of Ruhi’s close bond with her family. Vidya concludes by expressing their desire to have someone like Ruhi as their daughter-in-law and urges them to make a decision.

According to Armaan, people typically express their love through flowers and chocolates, but I want to make a different promise to you – that I will always love you. Although she believes promises are easy to make but difficult to keep, I assure you that no one else will have a place in my heart. As for me, loving you is simple. Abhira and Akshara bring up their grievances about Yuvraj to Jagrat. Abhira takes off her rings while Akshara prompts Jagrat to say something. In response, Jagrat advises them not to raise their voices and asks if they do not find any suitable ring. He adds that he will talk to his son about the matter and put an end to it, but he worries about the impact it might have on Abhira’s future. Ultimately, he wonders what could be the problem since they seemingly have everything they need.

Abhira has the authority to rule here, while the minister and MLA have passed down his seat to his son. Akshara expresses her disapproval, stating that such decisions should not be made based on money alone. When asked about Yuvraj’s faults, she lists his lack of manners, politeness, and character. He then declares that they are both unable to leave the situation as they please. Akshara issues a warning, while Jagrat proclaims that he has everything Yuvraj has desired since childhood. Abhira suggests that he should have slapped him instead. Jagrat admires her resilience and promises that she will come into the family, whether willingly or forcefully. He presents Shagun as a token for Abhira and asks her to accept it happily. However, Akshara takes Abhira’s hand, and together they throw the shagun plates as a sign of defiance. In response, Yuvraj and Jagrat become enraged. Akshara then takes hold of Abhira and exits the premises.


Ruhi says she loves someone else, and Yuvraj cries and begs Abhira. She says it isn’t love, and it is harassment. Armaan says I have no problem with Rohit getting married before me. Vidya asks for a picture of his family. Surekha says the Poddar family has sent a relative for you.

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