Shiv Shakti (Zee) 20th September 2023 Written Episode: Shiv Protects Shakti, Ranjan’s Misdeeds Exposed

Shiv Shakti

Shiv Shakti 20th September 2023 Written Episode Update on

As Shiv gently wipes the haldi off Shakti’s face, her cheeks become rosy. Manorama eagerly approaches, asking if Shiv would like to have his haldi ceremony first. Shakti quickly retreats from the scene. Meanwhile, Ranjan says that Shakti belongs to him and will apply haldi to her no matter what. Dadi praises the bond between Shiv and Shakti, noting how they always stand up for each other in times of trouble. Mandira interjects, concerned about Shiv’s wounds that haven’t yet healed. Dadi acknowledges this but adds that only Shakti’s love can heal him. Their relationship has been blessed by the divine.

Raghunath questions how one can claim that Shakti loves him. Dadi clarified that her expression revealed her feelings for him but did not explicitly say it. Gayatri agrees with her mother-in-law, causing everyone to be taken aback. Amidst the tension, Raghunath angrily silences Gayatri. Dadi reminds him that Shiv’s mother has a right to speak on the matter. Raghunath blames Dadi for Shiv’s current state, but she acknowledges her fault and has been paying for it for years. However, she also points out that she was the one who first recognized Shiv and Shakti’s compatibility and brought Shakti into their home.

According to Mandira, Shakti’s family status does not match ours. Dadi asks when we started thinking that way. Kamalnath told me years ago he loved a girl and was going to marry her. If I hadn’t considered status, you wouldn’t be our daughter-in-law today. All are shocked. Kamalnath tells Mandira not to worry about her words.

Dadi apologizes and acknowledges that they were unaware of your family and background, but they still welcomed you into our family. We feel fortunate to have you as our daughter-in-law. As for Shakti, we know her family as her father is a priest. While they may not have the same financial status as us, Shakti has been raised well and will strongly support Shiv. Mandira expresses concern about our reputation, but Raghunath agrees with Maa that Shakti has consistently rescued and protected Shiv, making her the perfect match for him.

Why did she come into his life and defend him when we couldn’t? We should head there immediately and request a proposal. Dadi advises him to remain calm and agrees with Mandira that Shiv’s wounds have not yet healed. He needs to realize his love for her before we move, or he may become overwhelmed. Raghunath acknowledges this and adds that Shakti has brought tremendous value to Shiv’s life; he is no longer alone, and perhaps she will bring him peace and wholeness. Everyone is pleased upon hearing this.

Padma and Keertan try to calm Mandira down as she breaks stuff in her room. Keertan says it is too late, but Shakti has defeated you. Mandira shouts that no one can beat her. She calls Ranjan and asks him to destroy Shakti, don’t spare her for anyone else. He says sure and ends the call.

Shakti is in her room when Ranjan comes in and says, I did not like Shiv playing Haldi with you. We have a relationship, so I should be able to apply haldi to you. You will be my sister-in-law, so you are my half-wife. I have a right to touch you. He is about to apply haldi to her, but she pushes him away and tries to leave.

As they stood facing each other, Ranjan’s grip tightened on Shakti. “This is our first ritual together,” he declared, “and I will do it at any cost.” She struggled to break free, but he trapped her in a corner. As he reached for her dupatta, Shiv grabbed his hand. “You again?” Ranjan sneered. In a swift motion, Shiv kicked him and prepared to deliver more blows. But Shakti intervened, throwing herself into Shiv’s arms and holding on tightly. “Are you okay?” he asked with concern. Indecisively at first, she nodded and gazed up at him while he wiped away her tears. As Ranjan rose to his feet, Shiv unleashed his anger upon him. “How dare you touch Shakti?” he shouted as he continued to punch him mercilessly. Suddenly, their brother appeared on the scene, stunned by the sight before him.

As Shiv beats Ranjan, he says Shakti told me he wasn’t a good man, so I should have listened to her. How dare you misbehave with Shakti? Shakti is shocked to hear that. Shiv shouts how dare you touch my Shakti… my Shakti. Shakti cries upon hearing that. Manorama searches around for Shakti and does not find him either. She goes searching for them. Shiv begins kicking the hand that Ranjan used to touch Shakti. Manorama is going to her room to see them.


Shiv and Shakti fall onto the bed, lying above each other, after Ranjan pushes them. His aunt walks in and looks shocked when she sees Shiv and Shakti.

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