Kavya 20th February 2024 Written Episode: Kavya Faces Accusations, Anurag’s Betrayal Revealed


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Anurag asks Omi why he is silent even now, he was hurt deeply when you committed suicide, his heart melted, otherwise he would have told Kavya everything. Don’t worry, sit down. He threatens Omi. Omi says you are also involved in this. Giriraj says Anurag is the silent partner in that company so that you will be caught up in this mess. Anurag argues. He catches Omi and thinks I’ll ruin you if you come in my way, Omi becomes angry. Giri asks them to stop.

She says, Don’t worry, I’ll drop you off, he says fine, I’ll drop you off. He says fine, I’ll drop you off. She says I’m ready. Gopal says the car is prepared. She asks him to go, she’ll come. Omi comes to Adi. He goes. All my friends want to take selfies with him, and he gets a lot of respect. Alka says Omi is brave and he has done a lot of good. Omi, thanks, Kavya. She says I wish to find that woman.

Omi apologizes, causing Kavya to inquire about the reason. He reveals that she has been accused, but she confidently denies being afraid upon seeing Giriraj. Omi comments on how some people like to scare and threaten others. Kavya responds that it is their job and they must keep moving forward. Adi interrupts, reminding them that they are running late. As Kavya leaves, Omi declares his determination to live fearlessly. He then instructs Alka to prepare herself and explains that it is crucial for him to meet Adi’s gaze.

Meanwhile, Kavya is being questioned, and she requests a file from Jeetu, who informs her that the DM has taken it. Later on, the police discover a blood-stained knife in Kavya’s car trunk. She proceeded to meet with the DM, who informed her that the case was no longer under her jurisdiction.

Kavya inquires about how DM can handle her case. DM playfully teases Kavya, causing her to accuse him of trying to humiliate her. He then reveals that she is the main suspect in the woman’s kidnapping. Kavya protests, stating that the police never accused her and it was all DM’s doing. She rushes outside to see what is happening. The inspector informs them they have found a knife in the car and are arresting the driver. If the blood on the knife matches the woman’s, there will be a case against them. DM questions if they were responsible for the woman’s death and sends them home. Kavya sadly walks away while Adi witnesses Anurag being questioned by the inspector.

After Anurag gives a statement against Kavya and signs it, concerns arise among the group. Anurag takes action and is met with opposition from Giriraj, who reminds him that Kavya is now a part of their family and cannot be sent to jail. However, Anurag faces the dilemma of going against what Kavya said, as everyone else heard her words. Despite Adi’s worry, Anurag apologizes, but Adi reassures him that he will not allow anything wrong to happen to Kavya. Omi observes this exchange between them. To clear her name, Kavya addresses her concern about being suspected if her fingerprints are found on any evidence.

Adi questions what happened. Kavya breaks down in tears, revealing that she recognizes the knife. She remembers using it to open a package the previous day. Anurag then confesses that he had obtained the knife from someone and used it to stab the woman before leaving it in Kavya’s car. Adi tries to reassure Kavya not to think negatively. However, Asha’s husband arrives and blames Kavya for his wife’s death. Adi comforts Kavya with a hug, but she becomes fearful as tensions rise. Adi intervenes when the man confronts Kavya, causing him to be escorted out by security guards. Shortly after, Adi receives a call and ends it abruptly, explaining that the blood report confirms the woman’s blood on the knife.


Adi and Kavya try to find out everything. She says someone is trying to ruin my career. Adi promises to investigate.

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