Kumkum Bhagya Written Episode 28th January 2024: Prachi and Ashutosh’s Escape Drama Unfolds

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Kumkum Bhagya 28th January 2024 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

The Episode opens with the goons frantically searching for Prachi as she and Ashutosh make a run for it on the road. Eventually, they escape, hailing a taxi to whisk them away from danger. Meanwhile, Khushi approaches the Inspector and reveals that Jasbir had kidnapped her sister, Poorvi, before her. Doubting her claims, Chachi inquires about evidence. Khushi confidently replies that she is the proof. But Chachi counters by saying that even she can produce “evidence” by claiming that Poorvi had come to her seeking help to marry Jasbir. However, Khushi insists on her truthfulness while Jasbir’s uncle also asserts their innocence along with Manpreet, who fervently pleads for his daughter’s safe return.

The inspector requests the two to sit and begin from the beginning. Prachi then inquires if Ashutosh is familiar with Tiger’s house, Sonu’s friend. Wondering if Poorvi’s wedding has been canceled, Ashutosh asks for confirmation. Prachi urges him to speak, but their conversation is interrupted when the goons drive up and stop their taxi. They immediately grab Prachi. One of them then offers to reveal the location of Poorvi’s wedding in Moti Nagar to Ashutosh, threatening him to flee if he values his life. Hearing this, Ashutosh takes off running as Prachi calls after him. The goon informs her that she will be brought to Poorvi’s marriage ceremony.

He says that after hearing about Poorvi’s family, he will now hear about Jasbir’s family. Khushi asks what do you want to ask? Arrest them. Jasbir’s Chacha asks Khushi if she knows who he is. Khushi says yes. Vishaka, Diya, and others scold them for Jasbir’s wrongdoings. MLA and his wife leave. The inspector asks Ashok and Khushi to find them. The inspector says to let them go even though he feels they were unaware of Jasbir’s whereabouts.

Jasbir asks Poorvi to come. Prachi asks where Poorvi is. Jasbir asks Prachi to call her. Jasbir says both Poorvi and Prachi are stubborn and didn’t know what would happen to Poorvi and my kids. Prachi feels pain. Poorvi hears her. Prachi says don’t come, Poorvi, but run away. Jasbir orders goons to take Prachi inside.


When RV asks Ashutosh where Poorvi is, Yug throws him in front of RV’s car. Jasbir orders the goons to shoot Poorvi if she makes a mistake and Prachi if Poorvi makes a mistake. Poorvi promises to marry RV despite her mother’s illness.

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