Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 7th October 2023 Written Episode: Savi’s Triumph and Decision


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A committee meeting is scheduled for noon today, and Shantanu informed Savi that she has to attend as well. Savi asked what the meeting would be for. Shantanu says he doesn’t know, but Ishan said her presence was also significant. Savi says okay and leaves for college. Isha asks about the agenda. Shantanu says perhaps the college committee received a copy of the letter Savi sent the vice-chancellor. When Savi reaches the office, she requests a transfer certificate.

Despite following all the rules, Ishan instructed the clerk not to accept her application. Savi asks why she was not accepted. Ishan orders the entire college to gather on the ground immediately. Everyone gathers. Students argue that Savi must have been punished again. Durva informs Ayush that Ishan found out they cheated in the exam. Ishan calls Savi, Durva, Ayush, Kabir, and Sara to come forward. Savi hesitates. Shantanu invites her to come forward.

Ishan held a meeting to announce that the college committee wrongly accused Savi of cheating in the exam while Durva and her friends cheated instead. This led Ishan to apologize on behalf of the committee for making such a wrong decision. After checking Savi’s answers against the chits, he found no resemblance, and in fact, Savi’s answers were brilliant. Everyone clapped.

Ishan replies that it was necessary to have this discussion in public. Students discuss that they knew Savi was a brilliant student and Durva and her friends were troublemakers. Ishan requests that the committee cancel Savi’s rustication and allow her to rejoin college tomorrow. Yashwant proposes a board meeting to discuss it properly. Ishan says the board should decide it as soon as possible.

There is a question from the students about the guilty students. Ishan says he will do a re-examination for them. Durva claims that she cheated on only one paper. Ishan says there’s no guarantee she didn’t cheat on the other papers. Sathe says Ishan himself saw chits fall out of Savi’s answer sheet. Ishan ignored Savi’s complaint that Durva and her friends were cheating, issued him a show cause notice, and demanded an explanation from him.

Yashwant says their college always supports justice, and Ishan proves that today. Shantanu praises Ishan’s decision. Ishan offers a hostel room to Savi. As he walks away from Ramtek, Savi asks Ishan to approve her transfer certificate so that he can return and study peacefully there.

Savi’s friends support her decision to attend college in Ramtek, assuring her that she will excel there. They express their fondness for her and mention that they will miss her. Savi reciprocates the feeling, stating that she will also miss them. Ishan approaches Savi and urges her not to leave abruptly like this. Savi retorts that he is simply trying to alleviate his guilt. Ishan questions if it is Savi’s specialty to criticize everything. Despite Ishan’s remarks, Savi stands firm in her decision and accuses Ishan of being responsible for the situation. She confidently declares that she will study diligently in Ramtek and return as an accomplished IAS officer, proving a point to those who have insulted her.


Savi glances at her parent’s photo and apologizes for disappointing them. Ishan asks what she is doing here, he was looking everywhere for her. Savi says she disappointed her parents and doesn’t deserve to stay in this city. She tries to leave. He holds her hand and says that he didn’t see a brilliant student like her, so he was a roadblock for her success. Now, he will help her succeed.

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