Anupama 4th December 2023 Written Episode: Anuj’s Commitment to Anupama’s Happiness

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Ankush tells Anuj that US office work is increasing, so he considers visiting and meeting the new staff. Anuj says that’s a good idea. Ankush asks if you don’t want to return since you have lived there since childhood. In the past, I did not wish to come here, but once I was here and met Anu and she fell in love with me, I never thought of returning. He recalls their moments. Oh, Anupama plays…..

According to him, the situation was different when business was in America. However, after I came here and married, my business expanded greatly, prompting me to relocate my headquarters. Ankush believes Anupama brings good fortune. Anuj reminds us that our loved ones and family are all here, so there is no need to go elsewhere. He envisions spending his old age with Anu, watching Choti grow up and get married while enjoying sea views from their balcony. He wants a peaceful life with Anupama by his side.

Ankush teases them and goes. Anupama comes there. Ankush teases them and goes. Anuj asks what happened, and Anupama hugs him. Then Anuj asks what has happened, and Anupama says this is an office. She says she’s a wife everywhere, and that’s her right. What has happened? Anupama says nothing. She says you can romance whenever you want, so I hugged you.

He gets a call from Elen telling him that they might visit soon and will provide details. Anuj asks her to hug him properly. Anupama hugs him. Anuj tells Bhai that he and he were talking about visiting the US to meet the new staff in the new office. Elen tells him that they might be visiting soon.

As Kavya approaches Vanraj, he inquires if she requires anything and offers to bring fruits. As he gets up, she expresses that while he takes care of her physically, his way of communicating with her lacks consideration. She urges him to confide in her about his troubles. He reassures her he has no issues to share and explains that upon returning after a long absence, he needs to attend to everyone’s needs and keep Titu away from Dimpy. Kavya points out that while he takes care of others, he neglects her and their unborn child. Vanraj justifies his actions by stating that Dimpy is carrying his son’s baby and tries to make Kavya understand that their situations are different. He confesses that despite contemplating it during his rehab stay, he cannot come to terms with the fact of having another child with Dimpy and pleads with Kavya not to pressure him into accepting it.

When Pakhi sees Choti and calls her, she says the doctor told her I would become a mother. Choti gets happy. When my baby comes, everyone will forget you. Choti says you are older than me and will not tell such things, and says my mother promised not to leave me. She leaves.

Anupama lovingly serves food to her husband, Anuj, stating that it expresses her love for him. Anuj then mentions that eating together in the CCTV office is the safest form of romance. After tasting the food, he requests Anupama to feed him with her hand and reminds her of how she used to woo him while he sat at his desk. Anupama asks for clarification on when she did this, leading to a flashback being shown. She happily agrees to feed him and suggests they open a restaurant together, recalling their previous plan. Anuj enthusiastically agrees and adds that this would also give women an identity. He promises to make plans specifically for Anupama as well.

In the meantime, Vanraj sees Titu’s call on her phone. Dimpy says he might have called for accounts work. Titu says I’m calling for a purpose and thinks Vanraj might be around. Kavya sits there. He tells Babu ji that the tea is good. He jokes that it’s gargled water. He asks him to come to the hospital with him. Babu ji refuses. Kavya gets up and says she needs to speak with them.

Romil arranges his luggage while Anupama joins him and offers to help. She hands him a jacket, and he thanks her, acknowledging that she must be tired. Overwhelmed, Romil embraces Anupama and confesses that he arrived angry but now feels emotional. Anupama encourages him to go to college with a happy heart, as it was always his dream. Romil expresses his gratitude for her and wishes his mother could have been like her. Anupama reflects on how perhaps he misunderstood his mother, just as he misunderstood them. She advises him to leave behind any extra baggage and forgive those who wronged him. Romil agrees to call his mother before leaving, and Anupama approves. Just then, their servant interrupts with news of someone visiting Romil. His friend arrives, catching both Anupama and Romil’s attention.


Anupama feels guilty for not taking care of the family when they needed him. Later, a woman and her daughter come and complain about Choti.

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