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Anupama written update

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Pakhi refuses to complain against Adhik and tells Anupama that every couple has a problem, even she reacts sometimes, what’s wrong if Adhik reacted, they love each other, and she won’t leave him no matter what. The argument between Pakhi and Anupama is that when Vanraj was wrong, she left him. Pakhi says that she provoked Adhik and she is wrong, even Anupama tolerated injustice for 25 years.

The young generation is complaining about injustice on social media, so Anupama asks if she will also suffer. Pakhi asks her mother to stay out of the issue and let her and Adhik handle it. Barkha says they shouldn’t interfere when Pakhi herself doesn’t want to say anything. Barkha says they shouldn’t interfere when Pakhi herself doesn’t want to say anything, let them handle the issue on their own. The discussion ends with Pakhi saying Barkha is right, they will handle the issue themselves.

The discussion cannot end for Anapama when it is not only about Pakhi, but all of the girls who are well educated and suffer injustices from their evil partners as well. She continues to insist her to not tolerate domestic violence and if she keeps quiet today, she would become a doormat forever then, just as I was for so many years; she says she should think about how much Adhik is wrong who hit her when Vanraj never hit her.

Kavya shows her sonography report to Kinjal. Kinjal describes how she felt after seeing her first sonography report. Kavya smiles and then gets sad. Kinjal says she can share if she has any problems. Dimpy looks at them and walks into the kitchen. Kavya says Dimpy must also be missing family. Kinjal says obviously, but is too egotistic to accept it.

Pakhi is told that her mother is right by Vanraj. Despite being not very well educated, Anu stood up against injustice, so why would Pakhi tolerate injustice as an educated girl? Leela asks why she does not speak out against Adhik when she misbehaves with others. Hasmukh says they will worry about her after she leaves. Anuj says she should react before it is too late.

Anupama believes she can withstand Adhik’s monstrous behavior, but wonders why she didn’t have the courage to stand up to him. She notes that a woman’s mind is often more wounded than her body, and acknowledges that her family is just looking out for her safety rather than their own reputation or society’s perception. Anuj emphasizes the importance of mutual respect in a relationship, while Hasmukh expresses his opinion that if Pakhi truly loves Adhik, then their relationship can continue despite society’s disapproval. However, if Pakhi fears the judgement of others, she should reconsider. Leela cautions that Pakhi is defending someone who is not fit to be with anyone else. Romil hopes that Pakhi understands her family’s reasoning and punishes Adhik accordingly.

Then Kinjal tells Kavya about Vanraj and his parents. Kinjal says they got a call from Anupama and went to her place. Kavya hopes everything is fine. Dimpy says nothing is fine where Anupama is, she is bothering everyone with her lectures. Kavya cautions her to keep her language to herself and to mind her own business. Kinjal says she felt bad for Dimpy, but Dimpy proved again that she was wrong to think that way. Anupama always thinks in the best interest of everyone. Family continues to convince Pakhi.

As Adhik gets adamant, Barkha convinces him to apologize for Pakhi. Adhik kneels down and apologizes to Pakhi. Anuj asks him why he got so consciencey. Barkhha tries to speak. Anuj says he is speaking to her brother. Adhim says he was wrong to hurt Pakhi and he is willing to pay any punishment. Leela says if Adhik is ready for punishment, he should be sent to jail for five to six months. Anupama agrees.


Dimpy tells Shahs that Pakhi is wrong by protecting Adhik, while Anupama tells Pakhi that whatever she says, a mother will do what is right.

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