Anupama 31st May 2023 Written Update

Anupama written update

Anupama 31st May 2023, written update on

Anuj and Anupama pour their hearts out to each other, shedding tears as they embrace tightly. They stay in this heartfelt position throughout the night, only coming back to reality in the morning. As the song “Chupke Se Lagja Gale…” softly plays in the background, Anupama remarks that it’s now morning. Anuj reminds her that her family must be waiting and suggests they leave. The two make their way to the car, silently reciting a poem in their minds that reflects on how inseparable they used to be and how they now have to part ways. As they sit in the car, they notice multiple missed calls from their worried family members, causing them to wonder what could have happened. Meanwhile, Ankush returns home and is confronted by Adhik who angrily asks where he was all night and where Anuj and Anupama are. Maya had gone to Shah’s house with Barkha while no one was able to sleep due to worrying about them.

Ankush reminds Adhik to respect him as he is older in age, relationship, and position. Adhik inquires about Anuj and Anupama, causing distress among everyone. Ankush clarifies that Maaya, Barkha, and Vanraj are upset but won’t disclose their location. Dimpy stays up all night because of them and vows to never forgive them on her wedding day. Vanraj expresses his concern as it is morning now and there is still no news about Anuj and Anupama. Maaya claims ignorance of their whereabouts. Suddenly, Anuj and Anupama enter, with Maaya worrying if Anupama has revealed everything to them. Vanraj wonders what they were discussing for so long. Anupama questions the numerous calls she received and asks for an explanation. Barkha reveals that they were all worried about them. Confused, Anupama questions why they were concerned. Vanraj explains that he was worried because his parents and children were also worried about them.

Maaya inquires about their activities throughout the night. Anupama replies that they were engaged in a conversation. Curious, Maaya asks about the topic of discussion. Anupama explains that it was a personal matter between a husband and wife, which they prefer to keep private. She then apologizes to Hasmukh for not attending his call, as they were engrossed in their thoughts. Anuj also apologizes for the same. However, Maaya’s behavior becomes confrontational as she accuses Anuj of spending the entire night with Anupama and declares that she will never let her steal him away from her. Trying to calm her down, Anuj reassures her to relax. But Maaya continues to attack Anupama, stating that she must have used her fake tears to lure him back into her life. Losing his patience, Anuj firmly tells her to stop it. Vanraj interrupts and questions Anuj about why he suddenly appeared at Anupama’s doorstep and now seems to be back in their lives again.

Anupama inquires of Vanraj who is causing him distress. Anuj reveals his concerns regarding the impact of his son’s wedding and how no one is content with his careless actions. Anupama reminds everyone, including Maaya, that they are a married couple and no one has the authority to meddle in their affairs or eavesdrop on their discussions. She proceeds to scold everyone and cautions Vanraj not to speak on her behalf as she can defend herself. She also warns Maaya that it is not her place to interfere and manipulate Anuj using underhanded methods.

Anupama has finally learned the truth about what happened between her and Anuj a month ago. She assures everyone that everything is now clear between them, including her relationship with Maaya. Unfortunately, Maaya’s actions are causing trouble for little Anu, who is constantly living in fear. Vanraj receives assurance from Anuj that Anupama has moved on and he shouldn’t worry about her anymore. Furthermore, Anupama reveals that she will be going to America, so there’s no need for anyone to be concerned moving forward. Barkha also acknowledges how important it is for Anuj to be with Maaya and expresses relief that Anupama finally knows the full story from a month ago. However, when questioned by Anuj, Barkha becomes tense and anxious.


She tells Anupama that she doesn’t know if Anuj and Anupama are still together. Anupama claims that even though their paths are separate, they still love each other. Maaya asks Anuj to divorce Anupama. In the face of divorce, Anuj says he would rather die than divorce Anupama and warns her not to even mention it.

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