Anupama 24th February 2024 Written Episode Update: Emotional Confrontations Unfold

Anupama written update

Anupama 24th February 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mummy tells Aadhya not to be scared, so Anupama encourages her to keep going. As Aadhya starts walking, Anuj gets a message from Shruti, and Vikram asks Yashdeep to get something. Vikram and Yashdeep ask what happened as Anupama takes Aadhya to a spice and chutney restaurant. Aadhya sits on Anupama’s chair. Vikram gives them water, and then Yashdeep brings them juice. Anupama asks her to drink it slowly. Yashdeep asks what happened. Anuj thinks that Aadhya is fine, and Anu is with her.

Vikram expresses relief that you arrived on time, while Anupama credits Kanha ji for getting her there. She assures everyone that her daughter, Choti, is unharmed and urges them not to worry. However, Aadhya becomes upset when Anupama continues to refer to her as “Choti.” Yashdeep interjects, acknowledging Aadhya’s role in saving Anupama. Aadhya, however, feels guilty for causing the problem in the first place. Yashdeep advises her to avoid the elders’ conflicts, but Aadhya disagrees and points out how she is responsible for creating tension between Shruti and Anuj. This led to Aadhya leaving their home.

Anuj and Shruti are on their way to reach there. Aadhya says Anuj doesn’t care for anyone other than you and that God knows what you wanted, as you first left us for Shahs and then left them too. Children suffer because of elders, she says. Pops wants to tell Anu, and you want to become a heroine and make him dance.

Shruti says she doesn’t want to stay with us and doesn’t expect anything from me. Anupama shouts enough and says you said so much. She says you are sad, but that doesn’t mean you have the right to misbehave and don’t think before saying bad things about your mother. Anuj is struck in the traffic.

Anupama asks where you learned to talk like this. She says I am not a punching bag or a doormat where you rub your dirty shoes. She asks if you have ever thought about the other person and says maybe that person doesn’t suffer any pain, and maybe it is more than you. She asks if your Papa and I haven’t done anything. When she asked if you didn’t think about your papa’s love before eloping, she said you just remembered how hated me.

If she is their mother, she should make them do whatever she wants if you wish. She asks her to stay as a girl and asks if she knows how to press clothes. Aadhya signs no. Anupama says you don’t understand elders’ pain. She says if that man had stabbed you, sold you, molested you, etc.

She says sorry for saying all that and asks if you think before leaving the house if anything had happened to you then…She says she came here not to search for them but to work. She says she was not aware that they are here, otherwise she wouldn’t have come here, never. She says even Anuj didn’t know she was here. She says she is destroyed and stays in the hotel’s storeroom and asks why she will try to kill others.

Five years ago, she said, she left you and Anuj for your happiness. She says she loved all her four kids equally, and when she saw her, she felt love for her and became her mother. I loved you so much. Regarding the present, she says she has nothing to do with the three of you and will not tolerate misbehavior again. Shruti also comes there when Anuj calls Aadhya. He realizes the two of them are arguing.

She asks them to take their daughter there and let her understand she is not coming between them. She asks them to let her know that I am not coming between you both. Shruti runs to Aadhya and hugs her. Anupama tells Anuj to take your daughter’s bag with you. Anuj takes it and thanks her. Then they get into the car and leave.


Toshu misbehaves with Anupama and Yashdeep after Yashdeep tells her that dancers dance to forget their pain. Anupama says she will dance.

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