Udne Ki Aasha 9th April 2024 Written Episode Update: Drama Unfolds at Sayali’s Wedding Preparations

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Udne Ki Aasha 9th April 2024 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

The Episode opens with Sachin commenting on Sayali. Juhi and Akash then have a conversation, and he confidently claims that he can cook any cuisine. Their discussion is noticed by Renu, who becomes upset and accuses Juhi of trapping Akash. However, Shakuntala disagrees and tells Renu to forget and focus on their pending work. Meanwhile, Isha asks Akash if he is excited about the wedding and suggests meeting with him. He initially declines, but she insists on coming to see him. This makes him anxious, while Isha believes that some drama is necessary.

Paresh requests Akash to contact Sachin, but Akash declines, citing his commitments. Paresh then takes it upon himself to reach out to Sachin directly, inviting him to the wedding. Sachin insists on being present before the function begins and ends the call. He pulls over at a wine shop on his way, and Sayali expresses disapproval, calling him a thug. Defending himself, he compares his need for wine to a car’s need for fuel and promises to only indulge after dropping her off. As they drive, he plays songs on the radio and discusses how life will change after marriage. Upon reaching their destination, he jokes with Sayali before they argue. Reminding her of her future mother-in-law’s temper, he advises her not to bring that anger home as it can be difficult to handle someone with three sons. The girl hands him money as per tradition, and Sachin wishes her luck before leaving. Paresh admires Sayali’s appearance and asks Kishor to gather everyone for the bride’s aarti.

Aaji and everyone would like to see Sayali. Aaji does Sayali’s aarti. She says to call Renu to do the aarti. The lady calls Renu. Renu gets upset. Shakuntala says to come and do the aarti. Renu does the aarti angrily. Sayali takes her blessings. Aaji jokes on Renu. She asks Renu to come inside. She puts on a fake smile. Rather than putting this fake smile on, Aaji says to hug Sayali and give her a kiss. Renu kisses Sayali’s forehead as well.

Aaji and Paresh are treating Sayali like a princess. Juhi compliments Sayali. Shakuntala says she shouldn’t worry. Aaji will leave in a few days, so don’t worry. Akash greets Sayali. He introduces himself. He plays Juhi’s audio recording. Sayali laughs. Renu calls him out. She warns him not to come near them. She sends him away.

Renu says nothing to Shakuntala. Shubha says she wants the marriage to be successful. Sudhakar arrives. Paresh asks Shubha to take Sayali out for rasam. She sees Tejas talking on the phone. Renu gives Sayali gifts and taunts her.

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