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Anupama written update

Anupama 7th April 2023 Written Episode Update on

The neighbours keep commenting about Anupama as she passes by and stops to pray at the temple. They say she must be at fault for what has happened.  They come up to Anupama and ask her what has happened and why her husband has left her. One even says that nobody should have such misfortune as her.  Bhavesh tries to go to help her but Kanta stops him and says that Anupama should learn to fight her own battles. We should be her shield and not her crutches. We are around if she needs us but Anupama alone is enough. Bhavesh wishes that Anupama says something.  Kanta says she should say something that will shut everyone up.

A neighbour tells Anupama that when her marriage broke up with Vanraj everyone thought that Vanraj was at fault.  But now it looks like she is wrong. She cannot keep a marriage going. Another says that there must be something wrong with her hence even a kind person like Anuj could not put up with her. They even say that her kids have taken after her.  That’s why Toshu always keeps fighting with Kinjal.  Paakhi is also always fighting with her husband. Looks like they too will separate soon. Samar also broke up before getting married.  She has made sure her kids act like her.

Anupama remembers Anuj saying that there are so many cracks in their relationship that even if they wish to the cracks cannot be filled. Anupama panics and runs away from there and sits on a bench remembering all the neighbours’ taunts.  She cries bitterly. Her conscience asks her how she has given up hope so soon. The ever-brave Anupama succumbed to fear today. Is this the reason she became a career woman from a housewife? Is this why she fought with society to carve an identity? So that the taunts of a handful of people affect her? This is not the first time she is being taunted but this is definitely the first time she has not answered back. It’s the first time she did not shut them up. She had replied to everyone like a tigress always.  She cannot be quiet now and listen to all the taunts. Anuj had called her a lioness and said she can take on the world on her own. What has happened now? Why has the tigress become weak? She cannot be weak now.  She has to get up and face the world.

The song Kinaare plays in the background.  Anupama gets up and walks home. 

Barkha shouts at a servant and warns him not to mention Anupama’s name again.  She tells him that it is she who is running the house and the family. She tells him to forget Anupama’s rules. Adhik’s phone rings. Barkha sees Paakhi’s name flashing and disconnects the call.  Just then Adhik and Ankush walk in happily and inform her about a big deal they have cracked. Barkha says she was confident the three of them would be able to manage everything.  Ankush says it was Anuj who started the project and we are only taking the credit for it. Barkha asks Ankush not to be so humble, After Anuj left the two of them have toiled hard.  And now Anuj is taking the credit for all the hard work they are putting in.

Paakhi calls again.  Barkha asks Adhik to ignore the call because she will again get angry, and fight and their mood will get spoilt again. If she wanted to come back she would have come by now.  She still thinks that what they are doing is wrong.  It’s good if she doesn’t come here.  She will just fight with him and he will not be able to focus on his work. Barkha is happy when Adhik disconnects the call.

Paakhi is upset when Adhik disconnects her call.  She remembers Barkha talking on the phone to someone and informing the person to bring her all the files.  She says she needs to act before they do something in Anuj and Anupama’s absence. Paakhi had called Adhik to tell him about Vanraj s job but she feels that he is so busy with his job that he has forgotten her. Anupama is not aware of what is happening behind her back. She already has to face a lot of hindrances.

Anupama goes to her neighbours and says sorry because their earlier discussion was incomplete. She tells them that whoever wants to say something can go ahead. She asks them to say everything at once and not waste time taunting her every day. Kanta and Bhavesh smile seeing her reply to everyone.  Anupama tells them that nature has four seasons but life has only two.  Sadness and Happiness. Sometimes one of them stays a long time and sometimes the other.  But they keep coming and going.  It’s said that if a family is reeling in sadness one should not be happy about it. Sadness is never stagnant. It keeps on migrating. Seeing you happy sadness may take a toll on you. Sadness should not think you are so happy with it that they will come to meet you. And as far as her two marriages are concerned. She performed all her duties diligently in her first marriage. She performed every responsibility. But in return, she was deceived. So she divorced her husband. Many women are not able to muster the courage to do this. They make compromises and continue with their marriage but she could not do that. She fought with her family, society and herself but she came out of a relationship where there was no love and respect. She could not compromise. She could not lose her self-respect. And she is proud of her decision.

The second point of her falling in love, getting married and becoming a mother in this old age. People can’t do this but she did it.  She fought with society again for herself. For herself, for her love and for Anuj. And she is extremely proud of this decision too. She agrees she left her first husband. But she did not leave her second husband, nor did he leave her. There are some issues between them Just now they are sad and upset but this does not mean that they have left each other. She asks them if they have never fought with their husbands and gone to stay at their mother’s place. The fight does not mean separation.  It does not mean leaving each other. She asks everyone to use salt to prepare food instead of rubbing it on others’ wounds. Everyone goes through this phase in life. You will remember this and feel the pain. Life is like this. No one is perfect. Everyone has issues and problems in life. Be in a person, a family, a relationship or a marriage, When problems increase then the fights start.  Everyone is fighting their own battles.  In everyone’s family, there are fights.  Same way in hers too.  She prays that no one else goes through the pain and suffering that she had to go through. She says everyone woman should get the opportunities that she got in her life. She bids them farewell and confidently walks from there while they stand with their heads bent.

Vanraj feeds sweets to everyone in the family and says he feels that everything will be fine in his and Anupama’s life now.  Kavya asks him how did Anupama come in between.  He replies that Anupama has always been walking on her own path but this time she is walking on the right path.  She is not being distracted by Anuj now.  He also needs to clearly see the patch he must walk. Kavya asks him if he realizes what he is saying. He says he did not understand it before but now he understands that some bonds are for a lifetime and are unbreakable.  And some bonds are meant to break. He turns around and tells Kavya that if she wants to meet Anirudh and go on dates with him, watch movies with him or just have fun she can go. He does not care. Second chances are not always good. Second changes exist to make us realise the value of what we had. For example Anupama.  She took a second chance but it did not work. Not only her. Many other people took a second chance but it never brought them anything but trouble. Vanraj tells Kavya that the first relationship is first always.  That may be the reason she is comfortable with him and feels at home in his presence. He says he understands it and does not have a problem with it. Old bonds are always great and they are very deep. New bonds are not so great.

Hasmukh asks Vanraj if his head is okay or if getting a job has messed up his head. Vanraj says that the happiness of a job and the reality of bonds are two different things. The latter of which he is talking about.


Anupama calls Maaya and asks to speak to Little Anu.  Maaya lies to her that she is not at home just now.  When Anuj enquires about Anuj Maaya disconnects the call. Maaya lies to Anuj when he asks her who had called.  She tells him that it was her friend calling. 

Anupama is in the Dance Academy. Toshu, Samar, Kinjal and Paakhi dance around her and try to cheer her up. Vanraj records everything on his mobile with an evil smile on his face.

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