Anupama 22nd August 2023 Written Update

Anupama written update

Anupama 22nd August 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

As Emotions come to a boiling point between Adhik and Pakhi, he resorts to manipulation and puts on an insincere display of tears. He begs for Pakhi’s help in saving their marriage and claims that men have been conditioned since childhood to believe they can get away with anything, resulting in further mistreatment towards women who tolerate their behavior. He assures Pakhi that he will discipline himself if given another chance. Anupama suggests legal action by sending him to jail, while Vanraj proposes a more drastic measure of stripping him of his power. Anuj offers to fulfill Adhik’s wishes. Romil sees through the over-the-top performance and thinks it is an act. Finally, Adhik puts on a show of breaking down, pleading for one last opportunity from Pakhi. She releases her hand from Anupama’s grip and chooses to forgive Adhik instead.

According to Anuj, it’s a drama; even the most powerful criminals begin emotional blackmail when they are jailed. Anupama says they understand, but Pakhi can’t. Vanraj says Pakhi has seen many relationships fail, so she’s willing to give Adhik another try. As Hansraj says, Pakhi believes Adhik will change if he sheds crocodile tears. Leela wants to suffer again. Hasmukh says Pakhi fears society’s backlash, but her life is more important than society’s backlash.

In response to Adhik’s questions, Pakhi asks him to stop crying and gets him up by holding his hand. Anupama says she holds a hand that hit him. Pakhi says she knows they are thinking about her betterment, and so do she. She is thankful that her family stands up for her, but she will revive Adhik’s relationship with her and will not let it break. Anupama says Adhik hit her daughter. Barkha says he apologized.

According to Anupama, Adhik is only apologizing to protect himself. Even if Sweety forgives him, Anupama refuses to do so because he should learn from his mistake and never hurt her daughter again. She believes that Sweety holds a moral high ground and Adhik should respect her feelings. However, Anupama warns Pakhi that being in love doesn’t mean she has to endure suffering. It’s her choice whether she wants to live happily or in misery in her marriage. She warns that forcing oneself into a relationship will only lead to its eventual downfall. Anupama prays that Sweety is proven right, but if not, she won’t hesitate to punish Adhik herself.

Vanraj prays that he now understands the pain Anupama’s family has endured due to his misbehavior. He asks for God’s protection for their daughter. Samar and Toshu question why he let Adhik off the hook so easily, and why they didn’t bring Pakhi here. They express concern about her safety and wonder why no one tried to reason with her. Leela explains that all four of them did their best, but Pakhi refused to listen and asked them not to interfere. Anupama anxiously informs Anuj that Adhik is not truly sorry for his actions; he was simply pretending to avoid punishment. She shares how she suffered for years, and now her daughter wants to suffer as well. Feeling faint, Anuj helps Anupama sit down and offers her water. He then asks if she is feeling better, to which she nods in agreement. Anupama expresses worry about Adhik potentially terrifying or harming Pakhi.

Leela voices her concerns, wondering if Adhik would harm Pakhi. Dimpy quickly dismisses the idea, as she knows Adhik to be a calm and collected person. She suggests that Pakhi may have provoked Adhik and played the victim card. Adding that Pakhi’s arrogant and rude behavior is likely the cause of her troubles. Leela points out that Dimpy’s description seems to fit her more, and reminds her not to interfere with their family matters if she doesn’t consider herself a part of it. An upset Dimpy walks away while Samar follows her. The Shahs continue to worry for Pakhi’s safety, as does Anupama who realizes the need to explain the difference between love and force to Pakhi. Anuj expresses his desire to help Pakhi but acknowledges they can only do so when she allows them to.


She tells Anuj to give Adhik her project as he’s better than her. Anupama tells her to stop protecting Adhik. Pakhi shouts at Anupama. Leela asks Dimpy to clean her side of the house since they already did theirs.

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