Anupama – Written update 29th Jan, 2023


Barkha questions Anupama as to how she is so sure that Maaya isnt lying.  In response Anupama states that since a mother understand the pain of another mother, Maaya wouldn’t have taken on Kapadia if she didn’t have some concrete evidence.  Ankush suggests that they must recheck it once, to which Anupama responds positively but says that they are now scared of facing the truth. The Maaya adorns Little Anu with a bracelet and pampers here, appreciating a family photo.  Anuj then enquires about Maaya’s whereabouts till now and wonders how he could trust someone who suddenly arrives to snatch away his daughter from him.  To ease things out, Anupama tries to console him while he breaks down in despair declaring he would die without Little Anu by his side.  Maaya affirst Little Anu is only her daughter and keeps their picture together with Anu’s.

Leela notices Vanraj oiling a squeaking gate and tells him that she is frustrated with Kavya’s behavior and asks him to be alert and make sure Maaya doesn’t cause them trouble.  Vanraj states he already warned Kavya not to go to London.  Soon Hasmukh arrives, wondering what they were discussing.  Leela replies it was nothing important, then asking why he was late from the temple.  Hasmukh explains there was heavy traffic and by the time he got home. he was feeling famished.  Toshu happily embraces his father and cheers his idea of selling food to people stuck in traffic jas.  Although Vanraj tied to being down his spirits, Toshu persisted with his joes and asked Leela to get the food ready so that he could make money from those stuck on the roads.  She hesistatingly agrees with him declaring Maaya would never refuse such a proposal.  With a worried look, Vanraj sought help from Hasmukh regarding Toshu’s ideas, but all he could say was that it is okay if Toshu learns from experience or else its just his destiny. 

Anuj informs Anupama that she has three children of her own, but in comparison to them, he has no one. He recounts how hard his life was when he was a young orphan and his tears begin to flow as he expresses that he cannot live without Little Anu and the song ‘Tujhse Naraaz Nahi Zindagi” begins playing in the background.  Maaya appears again and mentions that if she hadn’t been involved in an accident before, her daughter would have been with her.  She went on to explain that she met with an accident while coming to retrieve her child on the same day that Anuj and Anupama adopted Little Anu.  Being hospitalized for quite some time, by the time she gained back her recovery and contacted the orphanage, they had already taken away her daughter, an unlucky twist of fate taking away her baby twice.  Anuj pauses and declares that it wasn’t destiny’s doing but Maaya’s who left behind her offspring which stirs up fresh tears from him as a tune starts playing in the background.  Nonetheless, Maaya insists that this time around, there is no way she will be parted from her daughter ever again.

Toshu informed that he has to sell methi theplas so his Manager orders Leela to make them.  She scolds him and tells him to tidy up before leaving. Anuj’s thoughts are taken over by a poem about not being able to live without his daughter, just as Little Anu runs in asking if Maaya left.  She then shows her father the braclet and photo of her mother.  Any insists on speaking to Maaya at once, but Ankush insists that she won’t stay with Maaya.  This leads to Little Any screaming out that she wants to be with her mother and causes Anupama to declare that she will ask Maaya to come and stay with them – sending Anuj to an even more distressed state.

Maaya swears that if she fails to win Little Anu’s heart within 15 days, she will silently leave.  Anupama also swears that she will hand over Little Anu to Maaya if she succeeds. 


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