Anupama 3rd March 2023 latest written update

Anupama written update

Anupama elucidates the importance of love’s holiness. Everyone expresses their opinion on love, connection, and the importance of this Pooja in comparison to Shiva and Parvati’s association. Husbands everywhere put bangles on their spouses’ wrists. Maaya plucks a strand from Anuj’s shawl and binds it around her own wrist, prompting Kavya to glare at her in ire. Anupama ponders why Kavya is watching Maaya so carefully, recollects Kavya clutching her while sobbing and wishes that she isn’t interpreting too much and that all is fine.

At that moment, Samar picks up a pair of bangles, but Baa stops him from doing so. Everyone is shocked as Samar puts the bangles on Dimple’s hands. Baa asks him why he makes such a big deal on MahaShivratri every year. Bapuji stops her from continuing.

During the Pooja, all couples stand together. As Anuj does the Pooja, Maaya quietly touches him with her finger behind. Kavya watches all the time and remembers how she did the same thing to Anupama many years ago when Vanraj and Anupama were a couple. With a smile, Maaya signals to Kavya not to speak.

Anupama continues to explain the importance of this Pooja and all rituals in our lives.

Maaya is upset when she hears Anuj and Anupama express their love for each other.

Vanraj and Anuj perform Pooja, followed by a dance. All the couples join in, but Maaya just watches in anger. When she notices Anupama showering flower petals on Anuj, Maaya seemingly can’t contain her jealousy and does the same. Kavya, who’s witnessed this scene, yells out stop at Maaya and inquires her if she assumed nobody had noticed her actions. Anupama being confused asks Kavya why she had shouted. To which Kavya responds that she saw what happened and tried to prevent it since Maaya was attempting to disrupt a marriage.

Maaya is exposed

Kavya cries and hugs Anupama. Anupama asks what Maaya has done. Kavya says Maaya is doing what she once did.

Maaya threatens to take Little Anu away

Anupama tells Maaya that no woman will tolerate another woman taking care of their husband. Anuj asks Maaya to leave, but she agrees on one condition. She will take Little Anu with her.

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