Teri Meri Doriyaann 6th Jan 2023 Written episode update


Sahiba and Angad Face off

Angad carelessly damaged Sahiba’s beautiful earthen pot, and instead of being apologetic, wanted to pay her off and walk away. Bikka on the other hand realized the magnitude of the situation and apologized on his behalf. He even praised her artwork but it was too little too late. When Angad asked for a shopkeeper’s address, he got insulted and scolded for acting so arrogantly. Unmoved by this, Angad returned back to face Sahiba who demanded one crore from him as compensation. This made him furious and he called her crazy but she argued that money can’t buy every wrong thing. On sensing this escalating tension, people gathered around as a mob and threatened to make him apologize. However, Angad was stubborn still and now threatened to call the police on them. Sahiba didn’t hesitate before picking up a hammer to break his vehicle so that police had to arrest them with valid proof. But Angad refused to budge even then.

Angad says he will break Kiara’s face if someone breaks Kiara’s project and throws money at her instead of apologizing. Bikka asks why Angad considers his pain as pain and ignores others’ pain. Sahiba is about to break the car glass when Angad apologizes. Sahiba taunts that a rich man apologized for fear of loss. Someone scratches the bonnet. It’s angrily broken glass. Bikka says this is the third thing he broke.

Sunny calls a media reporter to let them know that the party at the Brar home is cancelled. The reporter inquires about the reliability of his information and who he is speaking to. After disconnecting, Daarji strolls through the house while the family has lunch. Gurleen teases Barfeer, saying Angad had disappointed Daarji much like his father Inder did. Hearing this, the elderly man contends that Angad furthered their business more than his father ever could. In response, Gurleen replies that it isn’t only her dad he didn’t appreciate; even she was treated poorly just because she’s a woman. Bebe cautions Gurleen to be respectful when addressing her father and sending her away. Daarji then instructs Barfeer to track down Angad; Barfeer obliges and phones him.

Angad and Bika go in search of Monga’s art store. Upon reaching, Bikka is taken aback by the pot art and shows an art piece to the boy, inquiring if he could make it. The boy replies that it was already ready. Sahiba notices them and assuming Bikka to be Angad’s broker asks him not to purchase any items from her shop. Soon afterwards, a call comes from Santosh asking if she had arranged passes through the corporator. She replied negatively and after disconnecting the phone, Seerat’s drama along with her bodybuilder daughter Santosh starts hoping that Sahiba manages to get the passes.

Sahiba decides to visit the corporator’s office and ask for passes. Bikka then outlines his problem and begs Sahiba to sell her artwork. However, she refuses Angad’s offer. Bikka explains that if the artwork is not there, the paat/prayer at Brar’s house won’t ensue. When Sahiba learns they are jeweller Brars, he reveals it is also their grandparent’s anniversary and they would be heartbroken without the art pieces. Angad offers up his no-limit card in a last effort, yet Sahiba calls for two party passes as her compensation instead.

A precap: Angad takes Sahiba home to make artwork. Gurleen humiliates her. Sahiba tongue-lashed them and tried to leave. Angad stopped her.

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