Teri Meri Doriyaan 26th November 2023: Angad Faces Accusations Over Fake Diamond


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Sahiba asks Angad if the diamond is fake. Angad nods yes. Chopras tongue-lash Angad for selling them a fake diamond. Angad claims that he didn’t know this diamond was fake. It is clear Angad prepared this fake diamond, since he is the biggest diamond dealer in Ludhiana. Sahiba warns them not to wrongly accuse Angad, as Angad never does anything wrong with anyone.

Angad takes full responsibility and promises not to let anyone else suffer. He urges Pam to return the money to the Malhotras. However, the Malhotras responded by threatening to involve the Diamond Merchant’s Federation. Angad’s employees fear the consequences of such an escalation, and Jaspal points out that they will lose their money and their valuable diamond. They all worry about how the Diamond Merchant’s Federation will complicate things further. Angad begs Jaspal and Sahiba not to reveal this issue to their family.

Japjot informed Manveer that she would make kada prasad for the festival. Manveer then invites Gurleen to join them, but Gurleen hesitates due to a previous commitment and expresses her desire for a permanent solution. Manveer assures her that she has a plan and decides to call Mongas for assistance. Meanwhile, a mysterious man contacts Seerat, and she agrees to sneak into Angad’s room and open his locker while the family is busy with Prasad’s preparations. However, as Seerat is about to enter the changing room, Simran notices her presence and questions her intentions.

A nervous Seerat asks what she’s doing here. Simran responds that she came to take colours and asks why she’s there. Seerat gets angry and asks her to keep her business. Inder tells Simran that Japjot is calling her to serve Kada Prasad. Despite Seerat’s refusal, Simran insists on accompanying her and forcefully takes her.

Angad calls Akaal to the office and explains the situation. Akaal says he trusts Angad and is free to make decisions. The anti-corruption squad invaded Angad’s office and informed him that Mr Malhotra had complained about him for selling fake diamonds so that they would investigate that transaction and all previous Brar jeweller transactions. Akaal shares his difficulties when he started working at Brar Jewelers. They warn all Brar jewellers’ directors not to leave the office until the raid ends.

When Manveer calls the Mongas home, he accuses them of encouraging their daughter Keerat to marry Veer. Ajith and Santosh reject the allegations and warn her not to speak out. Gurleen joins her, and they continue their accusations. Akaal returns home with Angad and Jaspal and silently watches the drama. Angad tells Manveer and Gurleen that they can talk to Sahiba’s parents that way.

Jaspal warns Gurleen to be careful with his tone. Angad apologizes and says she can’t wrongly accuse his in-laws. Santosh claims Veer proposed to Keerat, but instead they are accusing Keerat. The drama continues. Sahiba says they should ask Veer and Keerat themselves. Keerat admits she loves Veer, too.


Sahiba calls Mannat and says she would love to meet Sunny. She reaches Mannat without telling Angad and is shocked to see Angad’s doppelganger.

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