Kavya 24th January 2024 Written Episode Update: Kavya’s Absence Leads to Chaos


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The scene opens with Kavya answering a call from Anjali, who inquires about the Jagran event. Juggling her responsibilities, Kavya mentions her urgent office work. Anjali advises her to balance work and family to ensure everyone remains content, including Adi, the in-laws, and herself. Expressing concern about potential misunderstandings upon her late arrival, Kavya acknowledges Anjali’s advice. Meanwhile, Giriraj leads the aarti, and Kavya assures that she will manage her duties.

Arriving at the police station, Kavya inquires about Alka’s well-being, to which Alka responds positively, mentioning that she had some rest. Giriraj instructs Alka to assist Kavya in the kitchen. Meanwhile, Adi is cautious about keeping Kavya’s absence discreet. A heated discussion ensues between Kavya and the police constable regarding a man’s alleged beating and the ensuing accusations. The constable accuses the men of committing a crime, but they deny the allegations. As tensions rise, the constable decides to detain them until order is restored, tasking Kavya for resolving the situation.

Adi tricks Alka and sends her away. The servant takes Kavya’s attire, commenting, “You appear like a newlywed bride, so get to work.” Meanwhile, the other women urge Malini to contact Kavya, but Malini explains that Kavya is busy preparing prasad. Giriraj smiles, planning to turn any mistake into a big drama. Kavya contacts Adi, requesting that he prepare the halwa. Adi assures her, saying, “Sure, we’ll handle it. Focus on your tasks. When will you return? Guests have arrived, so come back soon.”

Alka notes that Kavya is busy making prasad, which prompts Giriraj to ask if Alka has seen her. Upon confirmation from Alka, Malini suggested calling Adi and Kavya, but Alka took it upon herself to handle this task. Meanwhile, Kavya feels sorry for not being present during the preparations. In a light-hearted moment, Adi jokes about dressing up Santu as his wife in a saree and wig. Worried about the unjust arrest of two villagers by the police, Kavya decides to personally approach the judge to avoid giving Giriraj a chance to ridicule her. Adi agrees to call back later and disguises Santu with the wig. However, Alka notices Kavya’s absence when her car suddenly stops.

The driver reports that the tire has been punctured, suspecting intentional sabotage with nails. Kavya decides to handle the tire replacement while instructing the driver to place the order. Amid this, Alka accidentally bumps into Omi, causing him to stumble. Alka expresses her joy, and when Omi inquires about the reason, she reveals that Giriraj is calling Kavya. This news delights Omi, who expresses his love for Alka and affectionately hugs her.

Adi informs everyone that the halwa got burnt, so they make a fresh batch. He follows an online recipe and assists Santu during the cooking process. Meanwhile, Omi suggests insulting Kavya to force her out of the house, which prompts Alka to smile in agreement. However, Kavya’s return is delayed, leading her to contemplate heading home. As they consider proceeding with the mu dikhai rasam, Omi and Giriraj approve. Suddenly, a group of men steals the car’s tyre, prompting Kavya to chase after them. While Giriraj reminds everyone to call Kavya, Malini notes that she is currently busy preparing prasad alone and needs some time. Just then, Adi and Santu arrive on the scene, and the driver is contacted to arrange a replacement car, which will take approximately an hour.

Upon seeing the halwa prepared, Alka rushes to the kitchen. Meanwhile, Adi deceives Malini by fabricating a story about the ghunghat. Omi mentions a tradition where a new bride sings a bhajan during her first Jagrata, expressing concern. Alka compliments Kavya’s beautiful voice, mentioning that she had heard her sing before. Adi asks Alka when she heard Kavya sing, to which Alka confirms her previous experience. Giriraj then requests Kavya to sing, with Adi agreeing to the proposal. As Kavya begins walking on the road, Santu inquires about the situation but is instructed to stay quiet by Adi.

Adi dials Kavya’s number and requests her to sing a bhajan. Although Kavya realizes she cannot reach the judge since Adi handles everything, she pretends to comply and says she’s walking. Adi insists on her singing the bhajan and she reluctantly agrees. As Kavya begins singing on the call, Adi cleverly uses the speakerphone, positioning it near the microphone to deceive everyone into thinking it’s Kavya singing. However, it’s Santu’s voice, not Kavya’s. Adi’s deception is exposed, leading to Giriraj scolding him. Despite the mix-up, everyone applauds for Kavya’s supposed performance. The lady then suggests proceeding with the mu dikhai ceremony, leaving Adi shocked by the turn of events.

The lady announces that the Jagran has concluded and requests to see Kavya’s daughter-in-law’s face as she is on her way.

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