Kavya 18th April 2024 Written Episode Update: Alka’s New Beginning and Kavya’s Dilemma


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In the episode, Anurag asks Alka if she knows how to stitch. She says she has some work to do. He says it will be fine. She agrees to sew his clothes. Adi smiles and watches as Alka looks for the needle. Alka, thanks, Anurag. When Kavya arrives, she says, “I want to talk to you. I’m going to my father’s store.”.

As Adi says, Alka looks happy. Anurag says yes, I’m so glad she’s happy; being a widow is difficult. Adi says yes, she should start a new life. Alka says Sanjeev likes you, and you… Alka says no, I can’t think of remarriage. Kavya asks why. Anurag says I like Alka. Kavya asks Alka to be honest, it’s okay if he doesn’t like you, but if you like him, you should get happy.

Baby Omi reminds me of you and Omi, and I want to marry Alka. Kavya speaks to Alka. Adi thinks… Kavya talks to Alka. Adi stops Anurag and says I wanted you to say this: who can love baby Omi more than you. He becomes a matchmaker for you. Alka says she likes Sanjeev. Kavya nods. They hug. Adi embraces Anurag.

Alka cries and says I’m not strong like you, and people will be rude. Kavya says it’s your life; no one has a right to say anything. I’m pleased with you. Kavya says Adi is with us when it comes to your happiness, he wants you to be happy, he is my husband. Alka says you both love one another.

It takes us a lot to fight, but he won’t fight for this. Alka is hugged. Adi smiles. She collides with him. She says you heard our talk; it’s okay. Adi asks what you were talking about with Alka. Kavya suggests Alka get remarried. He says yes, but what was she saying? She says they like each other. As soon as he sees Anurag, he says yes; he knows it.

She sees Sanjeev and says he cares for Alka and they will look good together. She happily cries. She says she got reminded of the past. He tells me, too. Giriraj comes and scolds Kavya. She asks what happened. He says go and ask your brother and dad, and they opened the store with Bunty’s money.

Badi Amma says this girl is a fraud. Kavya says no, maybe Mayank got cheated. He returned the money given by… Badi Amma stops her. Kavya says no, Adi… please trust me.

Mayank says he is my friend, so leave it and get ready. Rajeev gets prepared and asks about the financer. Kavya says, but I want to know. Rajeev says we don’t know. Kavya scolds Mayank. She says Brij had invested money. Mayank gets quiet. Rajeev asks Mayank what, did he know this? Mayank says he did.

Kavya says it’s okay, Mayank. You can still return their money, but he says no. She asks what; you know it’s black money. He says yes. She says I stopped Bunty’s money from going to Adi’s campaign; what would Adi feel if he had trusted me now? He argues. Becoming rich will make me more affluent so that you can attend the inauguration; otherwise, you shouldn’t.


Reporters ask Kavya which side she will support, Adi or that woman. Kavya replies that she will stand up for the truth.

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