Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 19th April 2023 Written Update

Ghum hai kisike

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 19th April 2023 Written Episode Update on

In an attempt to locate Sai and Saavi, Virat calls Sai from the number she messaged him from but realizes that she has blocked his number. He then calls Vinu from Vinu’s number, but Sheetal answers the call. Virat informs Sheetal that his number has been selected for a gift hamper in a lucky draw and asks for her name and address.

Meanwhile, Sai expresses her gratitude to Sheetal for her assistance and leaves with Saavi in a cab. Virat follows them closely. Sai also thanks Satya for helping her secure a job, and he acknowledges her talent and ability to find employment anywhere.

Sai arranges to meet Satya at a bus stop to hand him Vinu’s file and a medicinal paste she has prepared for him. She believes that Satya can handle Vinu’s case in her absence. Saavi questions why Sai is giving someone else the task of applying the paste to Vinu’s knees, as she usually does it herself. Sai reminds her that they need to play the game strategically.

Saavi notices Virat’s car tailing them and warns Sai that they will lose the game if they don’t drive fast. Sai instructs the driver to speed up, and Saavi mentions that her baba is a policeman who drives even faster. The driver becomes nervous upon hearing the mention of the police, but Sai assures him that there’s nothing to worry about.

At a traffic signal, Virat gets out of his car and rushes towards Sai’s car. However, he fails to notice Sai and Saavi inside and asks the driver about a woman and her daughter. The driver informs him that they just left. Sai hides from Virat amidst a political rally organized by Bhavani. A party worker praises Bhavani’s efforts towards women’s safety.

While Sai is lost amidst the crowd, Virat spots Saavi and approaches her. He declares that he has finally found Sai and urges her to let go of her stubbornness and return to him. Saavi informs him that her baba saved him, but they lost the game. Ignoring Virat, Sai puts on earphones and asks Saavi to play a game since she needs to talk to her baba about something important.

Virat insists that his daughter should listen to their conversation, while Sai blames him for Vinu’s condition, citing his indifference when he witnessed his baba pushing her (aayi) and disregarding her forehead injury. Virat tries to explain that Vinu is misunderstanding the situation and expresses his desire to be with Sai and their children, urging her to return to him.

Sai sternly warns Virat to stop his nonsense as she has no intention of going back to him. However, Virat persists, vowing to spend a lifetime searching for her and refusing to give up. Sai recalls Ashwini’s words about Virat’s unwavering love for her. Virat questions why she wants to take his daughter away from him.

Sai warns him to stop harassing her. Virat claims to know that Sai loves him because she risked her life to reach him when she learned about his injury during the mission. Sai denies his claim, stating that despite being separated for a year, no one has entered her life to prove that she loves only him.


Over a microphone, Virat pleads with Sai not to run away from him, as there is someone who wants them to be reunited. He then asks Saavi to convince her aayai (mother) to return to him. However, Saavi runs to Sai instead of Virat, leaving Virat shocked.

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