Faltu 14th July 2023 Written Update

Faltu Episode Update

Faltu 14th July 2023 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

The episode begins with Ayaan and Faltu appearing on stage, both shocked to see each other. Ruhaan arrives and observes the situation. Sid and Tanu are on their way, and Tanu acts sweet towards Sid. She suggests that they visit Ayaan to check on him before spending time together. Sid expresses his suspicion that Tanu came here primarily for Ayaan. Tanu denies it, claiming that she is happy with him and doesn’t love Ayaan. She lies to him, and Sid apologizes for his possessiveness.

Ayaan and Faltu realize that they were restless sensing each other’s presence. They contemplate how they could have doubted each other’s loyalty. Ayaan realizes that Ruhaan lied to them about Faltu going to him, and Faltu wonders how Ayaan could think she would leave him for Ruhaan. They deliver their lines as Shiv and Parvati.

Suhana expresses her disinterest in food, missing Faltu. Harsh assures her that Faltu will return soon. Meanwhile, Kumkum and Harsh discuss sending Savita to be with Ayaan. Dadi suggests calling Sid to find out their whereabouts, but Savita informs them that Sid and Tanu went to Nasik. Guru ji praises Ayaan and Faltu’s acting skills. Ruhaan is surprised to see them and wonders how Ayaan reached there before him. Faltu hugs Ayaan and cries, and everyone showers them with flowers and applause. Faltu becomes emotional and leaves, with Ruhaan following her.

Sid and Tanu continue their journey to find the ashram. Harsh calls Tanu and informs her that Savita was told they went to Nasik. Tanu promises to talk to him later. Faltu is shocked to see Ruhaan, while Shashank compliments Ayaan and Faltu’s performance, commenting on their chemistry. Ayaan insists on meeting Faltu, revealing that she is his wife, and asks for her whereabouts. Suhana mentions seeing three waitresses spying on Faltu. Harsh questions why she didn’t inform them earlier, but Savita advises them to focus on their studies and forget about Faltu’s presence.

Sid emphasizes the importance of taking Ayaan back, or they will face scolding. Ruhaan tries to manipulate Faltu, claiming that he was worried about her and that Ayaan deceived her. Tanu asks a local man about Ayaan’s location, and he informs them that Ayaan and Faltu played the roles of Shiv and Parvati in the play. Faltu confronts Ayaan, blaming him for her situation, while Sid and Tanu witness the confrontation. Faltu rejects Sid’s offer to take her away, scolding him and shouting for help. Ayaan arrives at the scene and sees Faltu with Ruhaan, followed by Sid and Tanu. They observe the situation, and Tanu smiles.


Faltu continues to cry while thinking about Ayaan, and a man is seen dancing.


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