Pandya Store 15th April 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store

Pandya Store 15th April 2023 Written Episode Update on

The episode starts with Rishita questioning Shivank about selling Prafulla’s house. He explains that he had no choice and plans to stay with his family. Shweta warmly welcomes Raavi back and asks about Mittu. Rishita calls Mittu, who comes and hugs Raavi. She expresses how much she missed Raavi. Shiva watches them and comments on the kids and their parents then leaves.

Rishita approaches Dhara and expresses gratitude for taking care of her daughter. Dhara appears distant and asks to be left alone. Rishita reminds her that she didn’t leave her alone during her tough times. Natasha arrives, and Dhara hugs her. Rishita encourages Dhara to join the family for food.

Shivank hands a bottle to Shweta, instructing her to add something to the drinks. However, he receives a call and leaves due to an emergency, mentioning he’ll be gone for ten days. Shweta is left to continue with her plan.

During the party, everyone enjoys themselves, but Dhara remains sad. Krish worries about Dhara, and Gautam apologizes to her. Shiva tries to cheer Raavi up and suggests dancing with Dev. Shweta brings a man to the party as part of her plan.


Prerna confronts Shweta, accusing her of giving Chiku to Dhara for money. Shweta admits to it and reveals her motive for taking Natasha with her as revenge. Chiku overhears this and feels upset, saying he doesn’t have a mother.

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