Pandya Store 23rd January 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store

Initially, Dev urges Rishita to stop being foolish. Shiva asks Raavi when did Chiku grow up. Raavi asks him not to take the stress. Seeing the house decorated, they all get emotional and recall their moments in the house. Gautam smiles when he sees Chiku.

As Shiva tells Chiku, you have grown up well, I don’t understand anything. I felt you were close, but today I do not understand. Shesh asks where we are, and who are they all. Dev answers that it is our house, he is Shiva Chachu, he is Krish, and she is Raavi Chachi. Shiva asks if Shesh is Dev’s son. Shesh says yes; Rishita constantly scolds me. Shiva laughs and hugs Shesh. Mittu hugs Raavi. Shiva asks Mittu to hug Shesh. Mittu says no, he will beat me.

Raavi taunts her back. She says to teach your son some manners. Shiva asks Gautam when did you grow this beard, he was fine yesterday. As he hugs Gautam, he says you have been drinking in the daytime. Gautam feels bad. Chiku gives him a mint tablet. Gautam says he lost support, so he supported the wrong things.

Raavi tells Shiva to get freshened up, it’s time for his medicine. Shiva says she gives me bitter medicines every day. Gautam worries when he sees Shiva. He smiles when he sees Krish. They all leave to meet Suman. Raavi says we just came to meet Suman, otherwise, I don’t want to see this house. Krish asks where Mum is. Gautam says the city hospital.

Even I came to give closure. Everyone sits down. Shiva says you’re all going. Raavi says don’t say anything, he doesn’t remember anything. Shiva says take me along, I’ll come as well. Dhara prays. Chiku says we will call Mom, she may get shocked seeing them. Gautam says she will be happy.

In Chiku’s words, promise me that you will not drink wine again. Gautam hugs him. The doctor tells Dhara not to take tension, Suman is safe. Dhara thanks him. Dhara gets happy when she sees the family arriving. Yaadon ki baraat…plays… She says if they know mom is okay, then they will return back; I won’t let them leave.

Suman says I am fine, don’t be upset, we will go home. Dhara says you have to die, you are close to death, and your sons and bahus have returned. Shiva asks Dev why we came to the hospital. Dev says come, you will know. Rishita warns Raavi not to get caught up in their emotions. Suman asks where they are.

Suman says fine, I’m willing to die for them. Raavi says I have nothing left in me, their tears can’t shake me. Dhara says they will return seeing you fine. Suman says fine, I’m willing to die for them.

Dhara says we won’t have another chance to stop them, I’ll talk to my doctor. Raavi wipes her tears. Rishita says I have to stay away from this affection. Dhara says to do something natural. Suman says to do it. Dhara says we have to look natural, and active. Everyone comes inside the ward. Suman and Dhara get happy to see them.

Shiva asks when mum became so ill, I was at home, I didn’t know. He runs to hug them. The two of them run to Suman, hold Suman’s hand and cry. Suman beats them and asks why they came now, it’s too late, I will die. They promise they won’t let anything happen to you. They hug her. Dhara cries.


Dhara says he’ll get tea and breakfast. Rishita says we came to meet Suman. Raavi argues with Dhara. Rishita says Suman is the last link keeping us connected to this house. Raavi says we have to sell Pandya store and this house.

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