Pandya Store 14th February 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store

In the first episode, Dev drops a phone into the bin. Shweta worries. Suman says we’ll give you a chocolate. Chutki says she’s going to her mother. Chiku locks the door. Suman gets her to me. Shesh falls down and cries. Suman says don’t cry, you’re brave. She sees his injury and asks Chiku to get haldi. Dev looks for his phone. Suman applies haldi to Shesh and says it’s done. Chiku comes out and says Shesh fell down due to that girl. Shweta gives Dev the phone.

Shesh is in the care of Rishita and Dev. Rishita scolds Chutki. Dhara asks her to control herself. Chutki says you’re a bad aunty. Dev says she’s just a little girl. Chutki apologizes for not saying sorry. Rishita wonders if her mum didn’t teach her manners. Dhara asks Chutki to tell him the name of her mother. Raavi asks Chutki what her mother’s name is. Chutki says she is Dolly, waiting for me at the temple. Gautam and Shiva take Chutki. Shweta hides.

In the meantime, Suman sends the kids inside. Rishita calls Shweta and asks for Chutki. Shweta asks for 50 lakhs. I know about Krish, he earns money in dollars in Canada, I did not know he would earn the most in your family, otherwise, I would have taken money from him as alimony. Give me 50 lakhs or you will be responsible for Chutki’s death, prove that love and family are more important than money. Rishita shouts.

I don’t have Natasha with me, what shall I do, why did I divorce Krish so soon, I’m such a stupid girl. Gautam and Shiva take Chutki to the temple and she asks them to find her mum. Gautam tells her not to cry. When Krish asks Pandit about the girl’s mother, Pandit says he doesn’t know. Rishita asks Krish to give money to Shweta. She says you have a chance to rectify your mistake, I will forgive you.

Prerna says let Krish come once. Ruchi calls Krish. Krish says yes, I will help. Ruchi says we don’t want Prerna and you stuck here, sorry, you can either come with us or stay here. The call ends. Krish calls Prerna. Ruchi stops her. Rishita asks for help. Krish says that he will help her, but he has to go somewhere. He leaves. Rishita faints. Shiva asks Chutki to describe her mother. Chutki describes her mother.

Dhara hides the divorce papers. She says Krish does not even know about it, so when this drama ends, we will begin the divorce process. Shiva says I used to do the same as a child. Pandit says we can’t find her mum this way. Rishita cries for Chutki. Gautam says we didn’t find her mum. Dhara asks where she went.

Dhara pacifies Chutki. She says that we will find mumma tomorrow, stay here, this is your house. Chutki asks for milk. Suman says to give her a milkshake. Shiva watches as Suman says Krish will give the money, do not worry. Chutki sees Rishita crying. Dhara says we will find her. Suman says to be strong if you have to handle her.

Chutki goes to Shesh and Mittu. Shesh asks her to get out. She refuses. They scare her. She cries. A photo album falls. Chutki tells Shesh, “I’d like to see it.” She doesn’t see Shweta’s picture. Shweta worries about Natasha. Shesh says Krish is in this photo. Chutki says she is her mother, what’s she doing with his uncle?


A pamphlet is given to Dhara by Raavi. Dhara weeps. Rishita says the Pandya house is available for sale for one crore.

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