Meet 14th February 2023 Written Update


It is the law in this house for the wife to listen to what her husband says, and you want me to leave so I will, but I will go my way. Meet puts on a stole and ties it around her neck. Jashoda tries to stop her. Jashoda says Mahendra must stop her because according to our old ritual, a bride comes in doli and leaves when she dies in coffin, so I will also die. Meet shouts and says step back.

Then Manmeet sees a knife and thinks she’ll see my game. With the knife, Manmeet cuts Meet’s dupatta, causing Meet to fall on him. Meet replies that you just proved we’ll be together forever. As Manmeet leaves, Meet wonders how my in-laws at Ahlawat house must have felt after you betrayed them by canceling their wedding. While working out in anger, Manmeet receives a call from Shagun.

Meet her room, Manmeet’s sister show, says this is Manmeet’s room as well as yours from now on. Every morning Manmeet needs to listen to Hanuman Chalisa to wake up. Badri should wake him up only, otherwise he will annoy the whole house and you won’t be able to do your Delhi work. It was my dream, but here you can’t dream, so you go to sleep. Manmeet is angry that he will not sleep. I said it’s fine if he doesn’t, just stay with me, and we’ll talk all night.

Meet says I can’t, I stay in Patallok and we can’t go to Vaikunthadham. She shows Meet two sections of Sarkar’s palace, one side with all luxuries and only women who give birth to sons are allowed to stay there and rest in hell i.e. Patallok and we are treated like servants.

When Gunvanti walks in, he starts shouting at everyone and demanding that they get their work done immediately. Meghna says we see a hope in you. You are the first to stand up in Sarkarpur, and I am sure you will free us. Meghna’s mother calls her to Patallok right away. Manmeet says don’t cry, Meet will have to pay for every tear you shed. Shagun says this is all Meet’s plan.

Sarkar stops Manmeet and takes him out. Manmeet pours kerosene all around Meet and about to light her when Sarkar stops him. Manmeet, you are my smartest kid, but killing her would be your worst decision. He offers Manmeet drinks, but he says he has to train. Sarkar says war and love both need to be played carefully, and don’t forget Meets family also has high-level contacts.

Manmeet says 24 years I was away from you but you never let me fall in love with you, but today I want something, my Shagun, because Meet broke my heart by breaking my marriage, so she has to die. Sarkar says come sit near me and says I understand your pain, you married Meet for your parents. Let’s do something, give Meet her papers, and she will leave, and you can marry Meet. Manmeet says Meet started this game, so it will end when one of us dies.

Sarkar says to Manmeet, what I’m thinking is why did Meet choose to be your wife and come here. She could have tried a different route, but she knew she would die if she chose this. The glass breaks in Manmeet’s hand, and he says whatever game she plans for tomorrow, he will show everyone.

During the next meeting, everyone is packing and making arrangements for a function. Gunvanti gets Mahendra a kurta, he hates it and leaves. Gunvanti scolds Anuja and says make something better.

As Meet leaves Mahendra’s daughter, she tells her that the new bride cannot go out like this and not to stare at me, as I am Mahendra’s daughter Veera. Meet says you are small like peanut, but Veera says I am just here to tell you be ready, it’s your Muh Dikhai. Meet says something’s fishy.

Meeting says to Gunvanti that she knows you wanted Shagun to be hete and hate me. Gunvanti asks her to shut up. Jashoda wonders why Manmeet wants this ritual and what he is planning. Meet thinks he sees the whole village here, so Gunvanti gets Meet out. It’s important to remember how Muh Dikahi begins here, with a tattoo. Manmeet asks everyone to show their hands, because in Sarkarpur a woman has to write her husband’s name on them.

You must write on your hand that you are Manmeet’s wife, Manmeet says to Meet. Meet, from now on you will be my wife, says Manmeet. Manmeet asks Meet now if he wants a tattoo or a bus ticket. Meet thinks I have been fighting for women’s rights and now I’m on the verge of losing myself as well.

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