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I understand you always chose humanity, but today you have to choose your daughter. Why don’t you see that by burning your house, you can light someone else’s house? Gunvanti and Mahendra watch Manmeet closely. With a glass of water in hand, Chiku walks to Manmeet. In burkha, Meet meets Mahesh ji at the police station and asks to tell Kanika the manager is here.

Meet wonders why Kanika would meet his manager, thinking that he might find answers to all his questions. Mahesh escorts the manager to a room and instructs him to wait there, mentioning that Kanika has come to see him. Walking with Chiku, Manmeet thinks about Meet’s and Jashoda’s words.

Mahendra calls Kanika and says work is done and Manmeet has agreed. Kanika says she won’t believe anything until Chiku arrives. As Meet walks towards the manager, the manager asks what you’re doing here? Meet changes her voice and says I don’t have time and I’m not doing well because Meet is looking for me everywhere. The manager says she should be saved from this place.

Chiku walks out with Manmeet, then he gets a call from a friend telling him where to drop Chiku off. Manmeet keeps thinking about what Meet said. Angry, Manmeet says, “I won’t give you this kid, I’ll save my daughter, and you won’t get near Chiku, you tried to mess with my family, just wait and watch.”

Sumeet tells Kanika that she looks tensed, so let’s watch a cartoon together. Kanika gets angry with Sumeet and says the kid isn’t scared.

Meet asks the manager what if the kids at the orphanage tell the truth. The manager replies that this isn’t possible because the kids are scared after Mohan’s death. Meet says we will have to kill someone again. I am tired of all this, the manager tells me not to do this, you were scaring Mohan to beg, but he wouldn’t listen. “So you threatened him, and he hit his head and died, and then the second child came to Meet Hooda.”

Mahesh calls Meet out and says his lawyer is here. Meet says to his manager that he will be back as soon as possible.

Jashoda takes Manmeet to Sarkar, who expresses scepticism about Manmeet’s ability to save the situation. Sarkar clarifies that he has no connection with the child involved, but he is furious that someone dared to harm a member of their family. Despite this, Manmeet remains resolute, declaring that he will rescue the child. Panicking, Jashoda pleads with Sarkar to assist Manmeet, emphasizing the importance of their family’s reputation. Sarkar reassures her, asserting that nothing will harm her or his reputation, and he promises to speak to the minister about the matter.

Minister says he’ll help you, but first give Chiku to Kanika, so Sumeet can safely return. Sarkar says Minister is ready to help. Manmeet thanks Sarkar. Sarkar now plans to use Manmeet to give Chiku to Meet. Kanika receives a call from the minister telling her to take Sumeet to the Sagwan house, where Chiku will be given to her.

As Meet thinks about Kanika, he realizes Kanika has been staying with them to take Chiku away from them. Meet calls Manmeet to tell him the truth. Manmeet is told that Sarkar’s men will take Chiku and protect him. Mahendra receives a call from Kanika, instructing him to ensure that Chiku is asleep when she comes to pick him up. Gunvanti and Mahendra engage in a discussion on how to handle the situation.

Gunvanti tries to reach Manmeet by giving Chiku milk with sleeping pills mixed in it. Chiku drinks milk and falls asleep. Manmeet walks to them and asks what is wrong. Gunvanti says he was tired and fell asleep.

Manmeet asks Kanika why she is here. Kanika says Minister Sir asked me to pick Chiku up. Jashoda says that is good news that Chiku is going with someone we know. Manmeet picks up Chiku and places him in Kanika’s car. He requests Kanika to take good care of Chiku and make sure he is okay. Manmeet says she needs to see my daughter and will look after Chiku, too. Sarkar gets angry. Jashoda says Manmeet, let him go.

Informing Manmeet about Kanika, Meet calls Gunvanti on the landline. Gunvanti disconnects the call. Kanika removes Chiku’s watch and throws it inside the car. Manmeet asks Kanika to keep him safe. Kanika replies, “Don’t worry, we’ll find him.”.

Kanika leaves in a car. Meet drags her out of the car and says you’re behind everything. Kanika threatens Meet and says he can’t save your daughter.

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