Meet 22nd February 2023 Written Update


Meet ties Manmeet’s hands with her jewelry to bed. Manmeet shouts untie my hands. Meet gets excited and sings. Manmeet says untie me, or you will regret it. Meet says okay and ties his hands again. It’s so romantic that everyone will think we’re celebrating our first night. Meet ties Manmeet’s leg too. Manmeet gets angry on her. Meet says you were trying to kiss me.

When Manmeet is angry, Meet says you look cute. Meet gets milk for him and tells him not to worry, I’ll have it. Manmeet tries to get free and begins shaking. Sapna says she’ll check on milk and walks away. Imarti finds it suspicious and tells Gunwanti I’ll be back soon. He believes if you shake the bed, every lady will try to see what’s going on inside the room and if they see you in this condition, they will think bad of you.

Manmeet gets angry when Meet lights lots of incense sticks in front of him. Meet says this is our first night and I’m making romantic mood with smoke and fragrance. Sapna says how will I hide my stomach from everyone and Narendra says I’ll take you to the city for now. Imarti sits at stairs watching Sapna and Narendra talking. Sapna says how will I hide my stomach from everyone. Narendra says don’t worry I’ll take you to the city for now. According to Imarti, if Sapna gives birth to a boy, the Sangwan family will throw me out.

Manmeet coughs and tells Meet he has a gift for you for the first night, I’m sure you’ll love it. Manmeet faints. Meet checks him and says now I’ll give you your gift for first night. In response to Jasodha’s request, Gunwanti brings her tea. Jasodha says she is looking forward to seeing Meet, while Gunwanti says everyone is waiting for her to lose her face. If I tell everyone Sapna is pregnant, Jasodha will ask her to take a gender reveal test and if it turns out she’s having a boy, everyone will throw me out. Imarti thinks I should tell everyone.

Upon entering, Shagun says to Jasodha that she should have some sweets and asks about Manmeet and Meet. Jasodha says they’ll be out soon. Narendra and Mahendra also walk out of the room, along with every woman. Meet open the door feeling fresh and smiling. Meet lock the door and says it’s time to fix the latches of this house and she wishes everyone good morning. The night was awesome for Meet, and if I get tea, my day will be awesome as well. Meet walks away. Everyone follows her.

Meet is in the kitchen. Gunwanti tells Jasodha that Meet has no chance. Sapna says she thought she might be crying, but she seems fine. Meet says she will take tea for Manmeet and watch his reaction.

Narendra and Mahendra with Manmeet in his room. Gunwanti, Jasodha and Sapna also walk in. Mahendra asks Manmeet about his last night. Manmeet says my head hurts. Jasodha says someone will bring him tea. Imarti believes that Meet dominated Manmeet from the room conditions. Jasodha gives Manmeet tea and drops the cup after seeing his hand.

The tattoo on Manmeet’s hand says “I’m Meet’s Husband”. He attempts to remove it. Everyone is shocked by the tattoo. Meet drinks tea while standing on the door. Sapna asks Manmeet when it happened.

Meet recalls tattooing on Manmeet’s hand and says he now knows the pain of taking someone else’s identity. Meet says last night was memorable and walks away. Then Meet walks out angry and says that you crossed a limit. Meet says the limits were crossed when you thought you would spend the first night with me. Manmeet brings a sword and puts it on her neck. Meet says I’m not scared because I’ve got nothing to lose, so stay away and let me have my tea. Everyone walks away. Jasodha tells Meet, “You’ve made a mistake.”

Mahendra asks what manmeet is doing. Jasodha tells him to do whatever he wants, and that he should be punished with a heated sword. Manmeet tries to remove his tattoo with the heated sword. Sarkar walks in and asks what is going on. Jasodha says to Sarkar that Meet has tattoed Manmeet’s hand and he is trying to remove it. When Sarkar asks Manmeet to throw the sword, he grabs it from his hand and throws it. Sarkar asks why are you punishing yourself, go and punish the enemy. Manmeet gets angry and walks out of the kitchen to face Sarkar.

As Meet drinks tea, Manmeet approaches her and throws her cup. He then shows his hand and says, “Read the Tattoo I’m Man” (Meet was burnt on the hand by a sword). Seeing someone else’s name on your hand will make you realize how badly a tattoo ritual hurts women, but all of the men in this house are taught to ignore women’s needs, so it’s going to take a while for everyone to be educated.

Meet says you can’t change until I am alive. Sarkar gets angry and says throw her out. Jasodha hugs Meet and tells her you won’t be living in this house anymore. Jasodha holds Meet’s hand and takes her out.

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