Anupama Latest episode dated 23rd Feb, 2023

Anupama written update


Written update of Anupama 

Today’s episode starts with the song Manva Laage… one one side Anupama is dancing to this tune at the Shah house and Maaya at the picnic. Anupama imagines herself dancing with Anuj. And at the picnic, Anuj is daydreaming that he is dancing with Anupama.

Anuj and Maaya at the picnic

Anuj puts Little Anu to sleep in the tent at night. Maaya joins them and tries chatting with Anuj. She thanks Anuj for letting her join the camp and let her have an enjoyable experience with Little Anu. She agrees that Anuj will not be able to live without Little Anu later and neither will she. She tells Anuj that her 15 day period with them is about to get over so she wants to request him to extend her stay for another month so that they can all have another month of happiness because in the end, someone is going to get hurt with Little Anu’s decision. She is not expecting Little Anu to choose her over them so she wants another month to stay with her kid. Anuj agrees after her constant pleading. Maaya tries to instigate Anuj saying that Anupama has three kids of her own so naturally he will be divided between them. But Anuj says he understands Anupama very well and he does not need to be told anything. He says that he knew Anupama’s situation when he married her. He starts to say that when they got married that time he was alone but now Little Anupama is in their lives and things are different.. Suddenly he realizes he is talking to Maaya and stops the conversation and goes out of the tent.

Maine kiya hain tumse pyaar … this song is playing in the background and Anuj and Anupama are dancing to this song with some romantic moments between them. Anupama realizes she was dreaming about this and she is alone at the Shah house. She makes a video call to Anuj. The phone is next to Maaya as Anuj has gone out of the tent. She puts the phone aside and ignores the call. Anupama then tries calling Maaya and Maaya disconnects her calls. Anupama convinces herself that that may be there is a network issue there. And maybe Anuj is sleeping and hence did not take her call. Vanraj comes to join her and sits next to her. Kavya and Baa are watching from behind. Baa says when a man is unhappy he would want to speak to his wife. Kaavya says that Vanraj has always had a problem that he always liked to talk to someone else’s wife. When he was married to Anupama he liked talking to Kavya and now that he is married to Kavya he likes Anupama’s company. Baa says the biggest problem in her life is that Vanraj is married to Kavya.  Kavya says that the biggest problem she has is that Baa is her mother in law. Baa thinks that she wished Anupama was still her daughter in law. 

Vanraj wants Anupama back in his life

Vanraj thanks Anupama for being there with them during this problem. He says after many months he has seen his kids and parents happy. He wishes the past comes back to them. Anupama gets angry and tells him to not even think on those lines. 

Maaya asks Anuj if they can go for a walk .


While walking Maaya sees someone and gets scared. Anuj looks at the man and then at Maaya.

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