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It begins with Shweta asking Natasha to join her. Natasha says she will leave with me. Rishita asks Dhara to call Krish. Dhara says Shweta’s presence here will ruin everyone. Shweta says she must accept this. Shiva becomes angry when he hears Shweta’s voice. She says you can’t get Chutki. Dhara wonders what she will do, Krish’s life will be ruined if she calls him. Rishita suggests calling Krish. She says if Chutki leaves today, Chiku will also leave. Dev tells her to calm down. If Shweta stays, it will be a mess. Have you thought about Shiva’s health?

Shweta smiles. Suman says to call Krish and ask him about it, he’ll handle it. Rishita says to call him. She asks Shweta to come to her room. Raavi asks Shiva to open the door. Suman asks what will happen when Krish arrives. Gautam says you rest until he arrives. She asks if everything will be fine. Shweta asks Rishita to clean Krish’s room.

She is nowhere to be seen by Shiva. Shiva asks where she is, and where Chutki is. Raavi asks Shiva to rest and take a break. He asks what’s going on, is everything fine, did Raavi fight with you again? Raavi signs Dhara. He asks what you signed. I don’t hear anything from Dhara. Chutki is with us, where is she going, Gautam is arguing with me, he says he has to go to the store, can you handle it?

Shiv says yes, I will go, Gautam can stay at home. He sees Dev. He asks is everything fine. She says yes, explain Gautam later, he always fights with me. He says he has no idea why I heard Shweta’s voice. The kids go upstairs. Shiva asks Mittu where he is going.

As Rishita leaves, she asks Dhara to contact Krish. Dhara says no, he will accept Shweta and live with her. He loves Prerna and is happy, so I cannot ruin his life. Rishita and Chutki argue. Dhara says don’t drag Chiku between. If Shweta tells him that you made him away from her deliberately, how will you stop Chiku then, Rishita says?

In Dhara’s mind, Krish is either coming here or not, Shweta will leave this house, why don’t people think about Shiva, I can’t lose him, if Shweta stays, I will leave. All the children are mine, Dhara says, and I’ll make sure no one gets into trouble. Don’t worry about Shiva, we will find a way to save him, but first I have to take care of something. The kid’s trouble Natasha and throw her iPad. She runs to catch it. Shiva saves her from falling.

Krish asks Dhara why everyone is so silent, and where is Chutki. He calls out Chutki. Shweta hears him. She comes out. The kids see Shiva and hide. Shiva thanks, Natasha. She says, Dolly. He says one shouldn’t leave a child free. Krish and Prerna get shocked to see Shweta. Shweta hugs him. She shows the divorce papers and tells Krish that you didn’t sign the divorce papers, so I’m still your wife. They are shocked.


Shiva gets Natasha home. Dhara worries. Shweta asks Rishita what she plans to do. She says she’ll go away with Natasha.

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