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Pandya Store

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Shivank says we don’t have to worry, constable Singh will help us withdraw money and go to the hospital. Dev asks really, and hugs him. Suman tells Prerna to take care of the kids, and everyone leaves. Rishita says she needs to sell her kidney right now, as she wants the money right away.

The man refuses, insisting on receiving the kidney first before providing the money. However, she firmly declines, stating that her daughter’s life is in jeopardy and she demands 25 lakhs. He persists, offering only 15 lakhs. Dissatisfied, she points out that the amount is insufficient. Eventually, he proposes a final offer of 18 lakhs, assuring her that he will arrange the funds. Despite being aware of the immorality of organ smuggling, he pledges to notify the police once everything has settled.

As the money is withdrawn, Krishna thanks Dev and Gautam, Suman blesses Singh. Singh gives it to Rishita and asks her to come. Rishita says I will deposit the money first. She goes to the counter and gives the money. She fills out the form. Nurse asks Dhara to change. Dhara asks did my family pay. Nurse says I don’t know. Dhara says I need to speak with my family. The nurse insists she come as soon as possible.

Dhara is injected. She’s taken for the operation. Rishita calls Dev and tells him I’ve arranged money by selling my kidney. He asks what, did you go mad? She ends call. Dev tells everyone. Suman asks what, and the man asks Rishita to come.

The man says the operation will take place in another hospital. Natasha cries for Shweta, so Rishita bites the man’s hand and runs to Natasha. She says I’m here for you, don’t be afraid. Natasha says call Shweta. The man says don’t waste your time, come with me.

Rishita pleads, “I’m not refusing. Please release my hand. Don’t take me away. I need to be with my daughter.” The man retorts, “I’ve already paid you. I will carry out this task.” In a swift act, Dev rushes to her rescue.

When Suman asks if Rishita lost her mind, she says she had just one way, go now. She shouts at Dev when he tells him to leave her hand. She asks why you came now, you couldn’t arrange money for my daughter, I will sell my kidney and save her.

As Natasha refuses the operation, the nurse tells her to calm down, and she will be fine. Shivank notices a debt collector and becomes anxious. Concealing his face, he mutters, “I owe money to Ganpath.” Fearing the consequences, he hastily flees the scene. Confused by his actions, he confronts the debt collector, demanding, “Who are you? I have already paid her!” Krish and Gautam reprimand him, while Dev intervenes, urging them to release her. Rishita, feeling trapped, pleads, “Let me go, leave me alone!” The man arrogantly claims credit for her daughter’s medical treatment. Angered by his audacity, Dev, Gautam, and Krish retaliate by physically attacking him.

The doctor checks Dhara’s vitals. Natasha rejects the surgery. Krish is giving the money, there is curfew, so we couldn’t get money in time, Dhara is giving kidney legally, you are committing a crime.

The man runs away. Krish, Dev and Gautam run after him. Rishita goes to Natasha and says Shweta can’t come, she kidnapped Natasha and is now in jail, and I’m her real mother. Natasha says you’re not my mother. Nurse says Dhara is in OT, Natasha is not there, who will assume responsibility in the event of an emergency. Natasha runs away.

In order to stop the doctor, the nurse says Natasha’s operation hasn’t begun. Doctor says we have started the operation here, you have to convince Natasha, we are receiving Dhara’s organ, if the kidney transplant doesn’t happen in time, two lives may be at risk. I will speak with Natasha’s doctor about this.

Shivank instructs Gautam to apprehend the man. Taking swift action, Shivank confronts the individual, urging him to flee. He brandishes a gun, directing it towards the man. Shivank says you shoot them, not me. Gautam says I’m going. The man shoots. The wooden sticks fall over the man. Shivank says he doesn’t want to beat him, but he has to. The bullet touches his arm. He beats the man and scolds him.

Dev expresses his gratitude towards him. Krish takes immediate action and contacts the police, informing them about the man involved in organ trafficking. Gautam admires Dev, stating, “You’re truly a superhero.” Shivank feels a surge of happiness.

Shivank acknowledges Gautam’s support and suggests that they should prioritize Natasha’s surgery. He offers grapes as a source of energy, saying, “Take these, eat some grapes and regain your strength.” Gautam insists that Shivank needs the energy more and encourages him to have the grapes instead. Meanwhile, the police apprehend the organ trafficker, and Gautam extends his appreciation to the inspector. In haste, they hurry to the hospital.

Upon reaching the hospital, they find Natasha being stubborn and unyielding. Determined, they all make attempts to persuade her. In her persistence, Natasha requests to see Shweta.


Shweta is in danger, so Rishita asks Krish to get her. The nurse says sorry, the doctor is doing his best, but there is little hope.

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