Pandya Store 25th February 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store

Pandya Store 25th February 2023 Written Episode Update on

Prerna says I am leaving so that Rishita can get her daughter. She leaves. Krish asks her to listen. Rishita asks him to come for Chutki’s sake. Raavi runs to Shweta. Shweta asks why you’re so hyper, I’m also the bahu of this house. Dhara says something went wrong with Prerna. She sees Shiva coming. She rushes in.

Raavi asks Shweta to go to her room, Shiva can come anytime. Shweta asks Krish to come with her, Shiva can come anytime. She says Shiva has come. Raavi asks Krish to take Shweta away. Krish and Shweta leave. Shiva says to call her mom, Dolly. Gautam jokes. Shiva asks what this girl is doing here, she says her mom has come. Shweta asks Krish to sit down. Rishita notices Chutki.

Shiva says it’s hot here, we’ll go to the room. Gautam says come with me to the store, it’s important. He takes Shiva. Shiva says to find her mother. Krish scolds Shweta. Shiva asks where her mother is. Dhara starts laughing. Shiva says it’s hot here, we’ll go to the room. He shouts at her. Shweta says I won’t allow this to happen. He shouts at her. Rishita asks if she can take Chutki. Dev stops her. Krish and Shweta continue to argue.

Dhara sends Chutki upstairs. Chutki comes to Krish and Shweta. Krish gets emotional when he sees Chutki. When Chutki gets back, Shweta hugs her. Shweta asks Krish, Did you melt seeing the baby, and give her something special? Krish turns to leave. Shweta tells Krish to buy something else, else don’t go, otherwise, I will show Shiva my face. He leaves. She tells Chutki not to cry about the broken iPad. Strong girls don’t cry.

The whole family is worried about Shweta. Dhara says I don’t know what to do, I am worried about Shiva. Raavi packs her bags. She says we have to leave from here. Krish cries. Dev consoles Rishita.

Dev says no, our daughter was away from us for seven years, we should be grateful that she is here now, kids are innocent, what’s wrong if she doesn’t consider us as her family, we will convince her with our love. The kids come home. They pray.

Rishita says Chutki will love us if we take her with us. Dev consoles her. Krish says Prerna is my life, I cannot be separated from her. I am willing to die for her, but what can I do to avoid her? Dhara says she is our hope, not just your life. I have seen how she sacrificed for the happiness of our family. Her heart is really big. Dhara wonders how Shweta will leave our home.


Chutki troubled the kids. Dhara scolded her. Chutki went to Rishita for assistance. Rishita asked Dhara to scold Chiku.

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