Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hain Written update 25th Feb 2023

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata hain

Written update of S67 E847

Guests have come to wish Suhasini on her birthday. Suvarna asks Manish if he is not worried that something may happen today. Kairav asks why they are expecting a miracle.

Manjiri and Akshara meet

The Birla family walk in. Manjri is looking around searching for something. Suddenly lights go off. Akshara goes to find out what has happened. A shadow is seen going in the same direction. Abhimanyu reaches the switchboard and bumps into Abhinav. Both exchange pleasantries. Both tell each other to call by their first names. Abhinav holds the mobile torch and Abhinav starts to repair the light. Kairav reaches there and says Past meets present. Abhinav does not understand so Kairav explains to him that Abhimanyu is Akshara’s ex-husband. After Kairav walks away Abhinav tells Abhimanyu that Akshara has told him everything about her past. Abhimanyu connects the wires and the lights come on again.

Roohi brings her gift to Mimi. All the others wish Suhasini too. Suhasini tells Manjiri that she wanted to see the entire family together. Manjiri is surprised to see Abhir walk into the room. Everyone is surprised to see Manjiri talking to Abhir. Abhir touches Manjiri’s feet for her blessings. Manjiri hugs him and feels very nice. Just as Abhir tells Manjiri his name Akshara walks in. The Birla family are looking angrily and the Goenka family are worried. Abhir tells Akshara this is the same kind woman who helped him at the temple. Akshara touches her feet and thanks her. Abhir asks them if they know each other. Manjiri says yes its an old relationship. Akshara and Aarohi praise each other’s children and introduce them. Suhasini says that these kids will break the barriers between the two families.

Abhimanyu apologizes to Abhinav for being rude to him on his last day in Kasauli. Abhimanyu asks Abhinav if he was not angry when he came to know the truth about him.. Abhinav replies by saying that Abhimanyu also must have got angry when he came to know about Abhinav’s truth. Both confess that they are not upset with the other. Both praise each other. Both together walk to join the others.

Akshara is arranging the gifts and Abhinav comes there. Manjri sees them and decides that since Abhimanyu has agreed to the marriage they need to inform everyout about it.


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