Teri Meri Doriyaan 6th January 2024 Written Episode: Angad’s Anger Boils Over, Sahiba Tries to Mend Fences


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Angad and Manveer were in a heated argument over Garry. Angad was adamant that he did not want to see Garry’s face and that one of them had to leave the house. Manveer, on the other hand, asserted that this was his house and Garry needed to go. Akaal chimed in, expressing his agreement with Angad and Manveer. Jasleen, however, begged Akaal to let Garry stay, revealing that she had no other meaningful relationships in her life. Prabjot joined in and urged Akaal to kick Garry out of the house. While Jasleen pleaded not to be separated from her son if Garry left, Akaal also clarified that he did not want Garry living with them anymore. And finally, Garry felt he didn’t deserve to stay in the house any longer.

Inder has noticed his sister’s suffering and is no longer willing to stand by and watch. He allows Garry to stay in their house for her sake. However, Seerat disagrees with this decision. The Mongas warn Garry to steer clear of Sahiba and Seerat. Despite this warning, Garry promises Jasleen that he will visit her frequently. Jasleen, on the other hand, insists on staying with him in the house or leaving with him. Sahiba suggests a compromise where Garry remains on the lawn as punishment, allowing Jasleen to visit him whenever she wants. Both Garry and Jasleen agree with Sahiba’s decision. To ensure everyone is on board, Sahiba asks Akaal if he also accepts this plan, which he does for Jasleen’s sake.

Angad gets angry with Sahiba and walks away. He tries to explain to him. Angad says she hurt him most by accepting his enemy’s help and supporting him, and he won’t forgive her. Sahiba says whatever she did was for his family. He shuts his room door on her face, saying he doesn’t want to see her face. Sahiba pleads with him once more.

As Manveer and Japjot walk toward her, they warn her not to bother Angad and avoid him. She cusses Sahiba as usual for always being troublesome to Angad. Sahiba says Angad is her husband, and she should calm him down and resolve their differences. Japjot supports Manveer and says she hurt Angd the most today with her act and she should stay away from him for a while. They both leave.

As Seerat starts berating Sahiba for causing trouble for Angad, she demands that Sahiba leave. Angad wonders why Seerat is getting involved in their conversation. Sahiba asserts that only the Brar elders have the authority to question her and that Seerat has no right to interfere as she talks to her husband. She questions why Garry is still living in the house when he previously divorced her. Seerat storms off with an irritated expression and goes to Garry outside, asking for his return after promising not to return.

Despite his initial hesitation, Garry reluctantly admits to Seerat that he felt obligated to take action. He reassures her that the Brar family is honorable and will treat her with the same respect she received before. He urges her to avoid any contact with Angad and Sahiba. In response, Seerat insists that he stays away from her as well. Garry promises not to bother her and reveals that he has yet to inform the Brar family about her theft of a secret file from Angad’s locker. Seerat stops him and pleads that he never mention it again. Garry assures her he won’t bring it up unless she interferes in Angad and Sahiba’s relationship. Feeling unsettled, Seerat walks away from the conversation.

Angad wonders whether he should open the door and talk to Sahiba. Sahiba says she is still waiting to hear from him. He opens the door and continues venting his anger at her, telling him to return to Garry and discuss something else. Sahiba says their relationship is not so weak that he is trying to break it. Garry will bite as soon as it gets a chance, according to Angad, so he won’t open the door until she understands it and closes it again until she does.


It worries Angad that Sahiba might be feeling cold. Sahiba shivers. Jasleen goes to meet Garry and slips. Sahiba holds her. Garry apologizes and calls her bhabi/SIL. When Angad notices that, he vents his anger at Sahiba and drives his car away, as she tries to explain.

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