Teri Meri Doriyaan 4th June 2023 Written Update


Teri Meri Doriyaan June 4, 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on worldofentertainment.in

Sahiba confronts her parents, asserting that she knows Angad well and is aware of the things he must have said about her. Santosh reminds her that Angad was the one who got Seerat married. Sahiba blames Angad for causing more problems for their family. Santosh warns her to control her tongue, but Sahiba continues, mentioning how she had already told Angad that she didn’t need his help, yet he still offered them money.

Angad defends himself, stating that it’s Sahiba’s habit to oppose his decisions and constantly fight with him. He believes there’s nothing wrong with helping her family. Ajith intervenes, stating that they cannot accept monetary help from their son-in-law. Sahiba emphasizes that Angad cannot buy their family’s self-respect with his money.

She reassures her parents that she will work at the shop and repay the loan herself. Angad mentions that Akaal, his grandmother, doesn’t approve of daughters-in-law working outside the house. Sahiba believes Angad is using the money as a means to stop her from working at her shop and tears the check.

Meanwhile, Seerat enters the kitchen to perform her first kitchen ritual. The household staff comments that they can’t believe she is Sahiba’s sister as they are so different. They provide Seerat with the ingredients to prepare halwa. Seerat, who doesn’t know how to cook, watches a YouTube video to learn and prepares the halwa.

Jasleen proudly boasts in front of the family that her daughter-in-law woke up early and prepared halwa for them. Seerat serves them the halwa, but Japjyoth criticizes the frying of sooji, Hansraj comments on the improper sugar addition, and Prabjyoth taunts Sahiba for not doing anything. Jasleen further taunts Sahiba, bringing up the fact that she slept in a storeroom while Seerat knows her place and slept in Garry’s room.

The conversation takes a turn when Hansraj mentions that Sahiba calls Manveer “madam” and wonders what Seerat will call Jasleen. Seerat suggests calling Jasleen “mummyji” if she allows it, to which Jasleen happily agrees.

Garry joins them, and Seerat serves him the halwa. Garry makes odd faces but claims to like it, and Jaspal teases them for not knowing Garry’s preferences. Jasleen questions why Angad hasn’t come downstairs, and he enters with Sahiba, explaining that he had gone to Sahiba’s parents’ house. Manveer asks for the reason, and Sahiba reveals that her parents had mortgaged their house for Seerat’s marriage and couldn’t repay the loan. Angad arrived with a 20-lakh check to help them.

Akaal expresses support for Angad’s actions, saying that he would have done the same. However, Sahiba insists that she cannot accept Angad’s help as it would have negative consequences in the future. She wants to work hard at her shop and repay her parents’ loan. Manveer questions why it’s wrong for her to accept Angad’s help, and Sahiba argues that Angad’s intention is to shut down her shop.

Akaal interjects, stating that family women should stay at home and pray for their husband’s successful business. He asserts his authority and declares that his decision is final. Sahiba, opposing Akaal’s traditional views, asserts that she is not only a daughter-in-law but also her parents’ daughter, and it is her responsibility to repay their loan. She questions why she can’t be self-dependent. Seerat opposes Sahiba’s decision, leading to a heated argument.

In the precap, Seerat goes to Angad’s room to ask for headache medicine. Sahiba interjects, claiming she kept the medicine in Seerat’s room. Seerat questions why she can’t seek help from Angad if Sahiba already mentioned having the medicine. Angad defends Sahiba, stating that if she said she kept the medicine in Seerat’s room, it must be true, leaving Seerat looking angrily at Sahiba.


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