Teri Meri Doriyaan 27th May 2023 Written Update


Teri Meri Doriyaan 27th May 2023 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

Akaal tells the family that everything is going well in this house since he never lets anything bad happen to the house and he will act tough to maintain peace and rules in this house. Sahiba is told she will not be tolerated for her irresponsible behaviour.

Sahiba asks what he is talking about. As Akaal shows her sign board painting picture, he asks if she understands or is still acting blindly. He says Japjyoth and he have supported her up to this point, but she wants to ruin their family’s dignity. She is a part of the family, too, Sahiba says.

Seeing this picture, Jasleen says that everyone knows how important she is to this family. Sahiba asks if she cares about this family since she couldn’t even maintain her drama for two days when her son’s sins were exposed. Jasleen asks her to stop changing the topic and misusing the given freedom. Sahiba asks if freedom cannot be given to her. Sahiba says she used to work before marriage and wants to continue working. Angad says she was not Brar Daughter In Law before and now has to watch her every move.

After she designed jewellery for their new collection, Akaal asks Angad if he didn’t inform her about the deal. Sahiba promises Akaal she won’t interfere with their business after the designs are complete. Sahiba asks how he can take decisions on her behalf and says even if it’s not their family business, she can work at her shop.

Sahiba says Akaal liked her work when she visited this house for the first time, so why is he opposing her decision now? Akaal warns her to shut down her shop or give it to someone, and understand Brar DILs don’t work outside the house. She is warned not to oppose Akaal’s decision or she will suffer consequences.

Taiji notices a call on Santosh’s phone and informs her. Santosh thinks it is Jasleen’s call. Taiji tells her it is some Chawla’s call. Santosh asks her not to pick up. Santosh is asked to inform Sahiba about Seerat’s decision to marry Jasleen as Sahiba is now the Brar family’s Daughter In Law. Akaal commands Angad to take Sahiba to their room and convince him. Angad takes Sahiba to the room.

Her response is to ask him to choose her dress, jewellery, mood, and even if she can breathe. Angad asks what she mean. Sahiba says that men want to control women in this house, but she doesn’t want men to do that.

As soon as Keerat calls Sahiba, she informs her that Seerat is arguing with Ajith about marrying cheapster Garry. Sahiba rushes home to tell her that she cannot let Seerat ruin her life by marrying Garry. Santosh and Seerat insist Ajith visit Brars and accept their proposal. Ajith refuses.

Santosh mortgaged the house for 20 lakhs and did not pay a single installment, so he is forced to auction this house. Ajith confronts Santosh and feels dizzy.

The daughters run up to him and offer him water, which he refuses. Chawla warns them that if they don’t pay the first installment in 2 weeks, he will auction the house. Drama ensues…

As Sahiba thinks Garry and Seerat’s marriage is happening against her wishes, she doesn’t know what new turn Angad’s decision will bring in their lives. Angad fixes an engagement ring in Seerat’s finger when Garry fails to do so. Sahiba looks at him in shock.

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