Teri Meri Doriyaann 13th Jan 2023 written update.


Written episode update for Teri Meri Doriyaan 13th January 2023: Angad’s Speech

Akal/Darji summons Angad to the stage. Garry notices a girl and offers her a smile. Jasleen urges him to focus on the task at hand and reminds him that she didn’t have a lot of luck in the house, so he should step up instead of Angad. Without hesitation, he takes the microphone from Akal. Santosh inquires about him from Seerat who in turn asks her how she knows him. Santosh replies that he looks like someone with clout in the Brar family. Garry greets all present and informs them that they were going to bear witness to something special as many celebrities had graced this occasion with their presence. Guests question why Angad has not arrived yet. This is when Angad walks in with golden hands while music plays in the background, looking very important and strides onto the stage where he takes the mic from Garry. In his address, Garry reveals that it was his Darji and Bebe’s 55th anniversary today, which was marked by Darji holding Bebe’s hands and these golden hands are a replica of those hands.

Darji recounts a long story about his shop being robbed, the thief only taking his most precious necklace set, and how he took it as a compliment to his skills. Everyone applauded him and Seerat commented on the stains on his sherwani, remarking that she couldn’t accept him as the head of the Brar business. Santosh added that people in high positions have distinct thought processes. Angad then went on to declare his plan for constructing India’s biggest mall under the name of Brar Avenue, with Veer Singh Brar in charge. Gary looked ill at ease with this announcement. To follow this up, Angad announced a girda/dance competition which included a prize donated by the Brar family. He asked all ladies present to put their names forward for it. On their way back to their room, Darji and Bebe crossed Inder’s room and Bebe asked him to come out as her Darji had left already; Inder presented her with a pendant which made Akal nostalgic.

Santosh begs Seerat to do her utmost to triumph at the competition. She suggests that a diamond set could be the prize and proposes that Seerat try to make one of Brar’s sons marry her – picturing herself sitting among them as the bahu. Seerat responds that she is ready to light up the stage. Keert scorns, wondering how someone could set a stove on fire, rather than a stage; Santosh chides him and insists Seerat watch videos and learn to dance in order to captivate Angad’s attention. Garry then contacts a female reporter while she and her colleagues are around Angad; they request if they can ask him some questions. He consents yet, remembering when Seerat drenched his clothes in paint, Angad gets mad and says nothing before striding away, whilst Garry glanced at the reporter amusedly.

Sahiba passes Angad by, unaware, but Keerat steps in to pull her out of his sight. She informs Sahiba that possibly Santosh was coercing Seerat into taking part in a girda/dance competition. Sahiba remarks that Seerat does not even know how to dance. Santosh comments that unless she traps the heart of a wealthy Brar boy, Seerat will have to endure a life of hardship like hers. Then Sahiba abruptly enters and implores her not to pressure Seerat into anything. Confused, Seerat questions how she managed to enter. Sahiba reveals Veer’s hand in it before Santosh intervenes and orders her to teach dance to Seerat instead. Witnessing this, Keert chides Santosh for exploiting Sahiba’s generosity.

In the precap, Seerat and Angad dance on stage. When Sahiba sees Seerat about to step on a nail, he rushes to save her. As Seerat slips, Angad holds her and gets angry with Sahiba. Sahiba replies in a befitting manner to Angad’s rage at Sahiba for returning despite his warnings in the morning. Sahiba refuses to identify Sahiba and tells her to leave. Santosh shouts from behind at Sahiba to leave.

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