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Jasodha says to Shagun I’ll search Meet and you go search her room. Shagun says to Jasodha, no I’ll check her, just enjoy it. When Shagun tries to search Meet, she holds Shagun’s hand and says, “I won’t let you search me; call the police if you want to search me.” After all, someone has stolen the money, so the police will come to me.

Sarkar says I am the government of this area, so all rules and regulations are made by me. Now everything will change because this time someone has stolen the money, so the police will search for me. According to Manmeet, there are no police in this village because it is named after Baapu Sarkar.

I was accused of stealing money by Meet, so if you want to search me, you can, I have no problem, but I want the police to investigate the case in a lawful and orderly manner. Meet takes out her phone. I know I won’t be able to call the police and I’ll tell Inspector Bhati about the documents if they come. Jasodha asks Meet how dare you go against Sarkar. Sarkar says no to police, now I’ll search you and take her away.

Even though he knows he won’t steal, Manmeet feels like she’s hiding something from him. The two of them are in the same room. Jasodha says I asked you to leave, so why are you still here? Meet says he came to take his belongings. Jasodha says take your belongings and leave through the back door.

I found nothing in her room, she didn’t steal money, but I still locked her inside for safety and Sarkar says we will search everyone now. Sapna and Sundari are searched by Jasodha. Manmeet walks into Meet’s room and finds her asleep. He says everyone outside is angry, and she is sleeping here, so he leaves. Imarti walks to Jasodha and asks, “Did you steal the money?”. Jasodha sees Meet walking towards the backdoor with her bag.

Anuja left earlier, so Sundari is relieved no one checked the jail. Sarkar asks Badri to check everyone’s room. We meet outside Sarkar’s palace. A man approaches and asks Jasodha if she is Sarkar’s daughter-in-law. Jasodha says she is, she is my youngest daughter-in-law. He asks them to enter. Having heard your Meet and Manmeet are wrestling, Chaudhary says, “I will only leave once I have had tea made by her.” Jasodha says why not and asks everyone to go in. Meet says, “I’m stuck again now.”

Sarkar and Chaudhary greet each other. Sarkar asks Jasodha to arrange snacks. Chaudhary says we’ve already talked about it and your daughter-in-law Meet will make tea for you. Manmeet thinks she’s sleeping in the room, so how come she is out with Amma? Sarkar asks Jasodha to investigate.

Chaudhary’s son looks at Meet’s hairstyle and tells his father she looks like a boy. Chaudhary asks him to stop staring at her. Manmeet, Sarkar, Jashoda, Gunwanti Chaudhary and his son sit together. Meet for walks with tea. Chaudhary asks Sarkar to call Meghna, if everything goes well, we will finalize today itself. Sarkar asks Jasodha to bring Meghna. Jasodha walks away with Gunwanti.

Jasodha, Gunwanti, Meghna and Sundari in the kitchen. Sundari helps Meghna get ready as Jasodha asks her to. A man walks in and says that Meghna’s age is to study not get married and everyone knows that she is brilliant. Jasodha tells Meghna to get ready in 10 minutes and that marriage is more important than studies. Meghna runs away in tears. The two walk to the room where Meghna is crying, saying I won’t go. Sundari walks in and says don’t act stubborn, no one will listen and if Jasodha scolds you, I won’t step in to save you. Meet walks in and says her stubbornness is valid, she doesn’t want to marry. Manmeet walks in.

Meghna, crying, says she doesn’t want to marry. Manmeet says Chaudhary and his son are waiting downstairs and if you don’t go, it will be disrespectful to Sarkar. Meghna asks what if the bow runs away? Meet says it is possible, but your brother must obey my instructions. Meet says you have to listen to Meghna, did you forget our bet, you said yes to Meghna’s studies. Meghna says please to Manmeet. Manmeet says tell me what to do. Meet explains the plan to Manmeet.

Manmeet says that’s a good plan. Meet says I know now, so share my boy’s number with me. Manmeet tells her number. Meet tells her to go fast and do what I have instructed. Manmeet walks away. The boy talks nonsense to his father, asking him to take a selfie with Meet and show her to his friends. The boy tells him to be quiet. Manmeet helps Chaudhary’s boy find signals, he puts his phone on speaker and asks him to talk. Meet on the other side talks romantically with him and asks where are you my jaan.

During the conversation, the boy says he is Chandan, and he is no one’s jaan, and who are you? A screeching screeching screeching says I’m pregnant with your baby. Chaudhary asks his son who she is. Sarkar asks Chaudhary about his son. A mistake has been made, he takes Manmeet’s phone and asks who is on the line.

Tell me who are you. Give my jaan the phone. I’m the father of Chandan, says Meet. He gets excited and says, “Congratulations, father-in-law, you’ll be a grandfather in no time.” Sundari and Meghna laugh. Sarkar scolds Chaudhary for his son’s behaviour. Chandu and Chaudhary leave. Meghna hugs and thanks Meet She is very smart, says Manmeet.

Manmeet walks to Meghna and says now you’re happy. Sundari thanks, Meet. Meet tells Meghna she can concentrate on her studies now. Meghna walks away. Jasodha asks Meet what are you doing here, go now. Meet says I’m leaving. Jasodha asks about your documents. Meet says don’t worry, they’re safe. Meet walks away. In the market, Anuja is dressed as a boy. She is waiting for the doctor. Meet says she was locked inside the room. Anuja sees Meet.

Anuja sits in the ambulance as Meet calls her. Anuja doesn’t come out in the bright sun. Meet asks where she is going in the ambulance that late in the night and why she was wearing pants and a shirt. He gets a call from Jasodha. Jasodha says don’t tell me you’re still here, I don’t want you in Sarkarpur, and don’t dare come home to my family or to my son. She disconnects the call. We’ll meet in a bind.


In the arena, Meet and Manmeet meet. Meet gets up and says or else what. Manmeet throws Meet into the air. Manmeet says you are a woman, stay within your limits. Meet gets up and says or else what. Manmeet throws her again and says I’ll bury you and your dreams. Meet gets up again and says I won’t fail nor my dream, if you have strength, you should come.

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