Pandya Store 5th March 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 5th March 2023 Written Episode Update on

Suman says you are saying this because you are just Chutki and Shesh’s mum, Dhara loves all her children and knows how to give justice to them. Rishita says you won’t change, you don’t want Chutki to stay here.

Despite the punishment I have been bearing for seven years, Rishita says, I’m glad Shweta is sleeping inside, I have no words to say. She leaves. Dhara says take care of everyone, I’ll call the hospital. Suman tells Prerna to go. Rishita and Dhara go to the hospital. Natasha is treated. Dhara says nothing will happen to Chutki. They rush to the doctor. The doctor asks what the girl’s problem is, who her mother is. Rishita says we don’t even know what her illness is, we didn’t ask Shweta.

She says I’m her mum. He asks if you know her medical condition if she’s had such pain before, and what medicines she’s taking. Rishita says we don’t know anything, let’s just make her feel better. Shweta comes and says she would have known if she wasn’t her real mother. She says she was Natasha’s real mother. Suman asks Prerna to go and see Shweta. Prerna says she is nowhere. Suman says she would have gone to the hospital.

Prerna states she’ll take a look in the kitchen and then return. Suman brings up how Shweta would be causing a stir at the hospital. Shweta expresses her gratitude for them pouring water on her. Dhara proclaims she’ll start stirring up trouble now. Rishita highlights that it’s about her daughter’s life while Shweta points out that the Badi Moms don’t know anything about it. Suman questions why Shweta slept in the kitchen, to which Prerna reveals they had devised a plot to keep her from spending the night with Krish; hence, they added some medicine to her food though it wasn’t enough as she still woke up.

She calls Shweta and cries. Everyone goes to her. Shweta scolds them. Natasha says she has a stomach ache. The doctor says she hasn’t passed urine in a long time. Rishita recalls Chutki’s problems. She asks Natasha about it. Natasha says no. Shweta says I told you not to stop urine. She asks her doctor to prescribe some medicine. Rishita asks if she will be okay. The doctor says it’s good she woke up at night.

Suman says just Chiku and you are at home, pack Krish and your bags, and pack Chiku and Natasha’s bags. Prerna asks what do you mean. Suman says to pack the bags and come to my room. Prerna panics. As Shweta writes her name on the board, Gautam asks what nonsense. Rishita says you are creating drama, Chutki is ill. Shweta says you are not changing.

She is slapped by Dhara. Gautam asks what you’re doing in a hospital. Dhara says you’re a fraud. Gautam sees Chutki crying. Shweta asks why you said you were Natasha’s mother. Rishita says I’m her mother, Chutki knows it, and I can’t keep away from her. She says she’s right, I’m Chiku’s real mother, not Dhara.

Shesh consoles Chiku. Chiku cries and says I want my mother. Dhara says you are a devil. Shweta argues with them. She says Rishita is Natasha’s mum, she will accept her as her mum, you brought Natasha to us, and why are you doing a drama? According to Shweta, I came because Chutki needs treatment, and you are still my husband. Taking the bags to Suman’s room, Prerna asks what we are doing. Suman asks did you pack the bags. Prerna asks what you want. Suman says to take Chiku, Natasha, and Krish to Canada.

My daughter has been waiting for me for 7 years, you are saying you just brought her here for treatment, and I will kill you. Dhara stops her. Rishita says we don’t know what illness she has. Shweta says I won’t let you claim any right, you are asking me about her illness, has anyone asked me until now, I won’t mention it. Rishita slaps her.

Suman says I will pay for tickets. Prerna says we need passports. Suman says Natasha works in television shows, she will have one. This is Chiku’s passport. Prerna asks how Dhara will stay without Chiku. Suman says it’s my responsibility to do this. Prerna says Natasha is sick. Suman says you can take Chiku and Krish. Shweta says I won’t let Natasha become yours. If Natasha calls Rishita her mother, then I’ll tell Chiku that I’m his real mother.


Rishita says I’ll tell Natasha that I’m her real mother. Dhara says he’ll tell Chiku that Shweta is his real mother.

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