Teri Meri Doriyaann 12th March 2023 Written Episode Update


Sahiba and Veer’s heartfelt conversation in Teri Meri Doriyaan 12th January 2023

Keerat urges Sahiba that she has dealt with their mother’s wrangle enough and should now join her for the gathering. Sahiba enquires about the incident, to which Keerat provides details about what Santosh did. Subsequently, cajoling her further, Veer refers to Sahiba as a ‘heartiest’. She questions what it means, as Santosh and Keerat get captivated by the view of the Brar mansion. They notice Angad and identify him as the elder son of the Brar family. Santosh commands Seerat to lure him in. As Seerat attempts to do so, Angad grabs her arm and gets bewitched by her eyesight; making Santosh glad and realises it was all just her imagination. However, shockingly enough, he dismisses Seerat away without giving any attention. This leaves Seerat seething with anger at being overlooked no matter her beauty.

Veer tells Sahiba that anyone who creates art that touches a heart is a “Heartist” and his whole family loves her work. He modestly adds that he is only a small singer, only singing to practice. However, Sahiba insists his music truly moves people’s hearts. Embarrassed by the compliment, he implores her not to praise him too much and asks why she has not come in yet. Sahiba remembers Angad ordering her out of his house, saying one of the Brar sons is full of joy while the other is arrogant and self-centred. Seerat attempts to leave in anger but Santosh stops her, admiring how beautiful she looks in her stitched dress. Keerat chuckles as if listening to a son, adding to Seerat’s irritation.

Veer takes Seerat in, who questions his decision to stay away from the limelight. She then explains her view that art is free and nobody can hold it; an opinion he will never forget. Gurleen hosts the event and announces that it is Akal Singh Brar and Javjot Kaur Brar’s 55th wedding anniversary. Reporters interview Akal, who gives credit to Javjot’s nature and their family bonding as the source of their success. On being asked about the differences between Akal and Inder, he recollects young Inder’s reaction when Akal breaks his hockey stick- despite all his achievements, people tend to focus on one failure. He expresses joy in his grandson’s achievement for taking Brar’s jewellery business to new heights. Angad attempts to persuade Inder to attend the party; however, Inder declines citing Akal’s dominating nature.

The drama between Santosh and Seerat continues. Guests praise the prayer room decoration in front of Kiara. Veer tells Sahiba that he will introduce Kiara to the guests. Kiara claims credit for the decoration. Veer fumes and tries to confront her, but Sahiba stops him.

When Sahiba sees Seerat about to step on a nail on stage, he rushes to save her. Seerat slips, Angad holds her, and Sahiba gets furious. Sahiba responds by giving him a befitting reply. Sahiba refuses to identify Seerat and asks her to leave. Sahiba refuses to identify Sahiba and asks her to leave. Santosh shouts from behind at Sahiba.

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