Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hain 5th March 2023 written update


Today’s episode starts with everyone grateful that Abhimanyu has started praying again after so many years.  Roohi wants to know why Abhimanyu is crying.  Aarohi says he is happy he had again met his old friend.  Panditji asks Abhimanyu to sit for the Pooja.  After the mantras start he asks Abhimanyu to take his and his to be wife’s name.. Abhimanyu says Abhimanyu Akshara.  Aarohi is shocked. But then Manjiri realises that Aarohi is on the phone and not heard.  Manjri corrects him and says Abhimanyu Aarohi.  Abhimanyu is a bit confused and has not realized what he had said. 

Panditji asks Manjiri to find out when the Kalash is coming.  Abhimanyu starts feeling a little uneasy and looks towards the door but no one is there.  Suddenly Roohi shouts that the Kalash has come.  All turn towards the door and Manjiri is very angry.  At the door Akshara and Abhinav have arrived with the Kalash. Mahima says that Manjiri informed everyone that they have left.  Abhinav says that the pooja is important and they are late.  He tells Akshara we will go inside.  But Manjiri stops them.  She tells Akshara she cannot enter the house.  Abhinav says they have only come to complete the rituals.  Manjiri says a person who could not maintain good relationships cannot complete any rituals.  Abhimanyu says they were forced to come because Manish and Suvarna were stuck in traffic.  Manjiri says because of Akshara we have lost one son and we don’t have another son to loose.  With great difficulty the family has come back to normal and now we don’t need her back to disrupt everything.

Abhinav explains that if they were in pain even Akshara was in a lot of pain.  Let us forget the pain and move ahead.  He asks Manjiri not to say anything against Akshara else he will be forced to say something.  He says that after six years she has no hatred for anyone.  Akshara was aware of the insults she would get when coming here but she has come for the sake of the family.  Abhinav says it’s not easy for Akshara to come here after everything that was said to her on Dadi’s birthday but values are greater than pain.  He requests Manjiri to respect the relationship. 

Manjiri asks Abhinav what rights he has to say anything to her when they are not related in any way. Manjiri keeps insulting Akshara.  Akshara looses her temper and says that she has come to respect relationships.  She says just the way Manjiri says that Abhinav has no relationship with them so he cannot say anything in the same way Manjiri has no right to say anything to Abhinav.  She says if they don’t want the Kalash from her hand then she cannot force them to take it and she gets ready to keep in on the ground and leave.  Abhimanyu stops her and says in a fight people can fall on the ground but not the Kalash.  He requests his mother not to start the first rituals with problems.  He thanks Akshara for coming with the Kalash.  Abhimanyu asks Manjiri to respect the Kalash and give more importance to the relationships that are going to start and not give importance to the relationships that are broken. 
Abhimanyu calls out to Nishta and Roohi and they start the Pooja.  Abhinav tells Akshara that in such situations people come with problems but she has come with the Kalash so she needs to forget about the past.

Panditji asks for the Kalash to be brought in the house.  Akshara comes inside.  Aarohi and Abhinav are both thinking about their past marriage.  And Akshara remembers her divorce and good times with Abhinav and Abhir.

Manjiri gives Akshara the shagun but Akshara only takes a coin and a laddoo and leaves the rest in the tray. Akshara and Abhinav both leave.

Precap: Manjiri asks Abhinav how he can get married with the past haunting him.

Manish tells Akshara there is one man on this earth who loves her and respects her a lot.

Akshara is reading a letter from Abhinav where he has written that usually friendship turns into relationship but he is greedy and wishes their relationship turns into friendship and more.

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