Faltu 21st December 2022 Written Episode Update

Faltu Episode Update

The Episode starts with Faltu looking around and trying to find her way. Ayaan and Tanisha receive blessings from the entire family. Faltu hears the people talking about Mumbai city. She thinks I’ll be sleeping on the road and playing cricket. Someone looks at her and worries. She worries and says Matarani you left many people like Pappi in one world, I’m scared. Kanika surprises Tanisha with DJ arrangements.

Ayaan says as you say. Harsh teases him. The lady asks Faltu to go somewhere else and sit. Faltu says please let me sit here. She stops a few kids from stealing the eggs. Faltu thanks the lady and says these kids always steal the eggs, so I appreciate your assistance today. Faltu says don’t worry, I left the village but did not forget my dad’s values; helping the old people is part of my values.

The lady asks her to sit and talk. She coughs. Sid calls Pappi and asks him to listen carefully. He tells something. Pappi says I understand, Faltu is roaming the streets alone, I will kidnap her. Sid says you can’t find her easily, wait till tomorrow, she’ll play a cricket trial match, stop her, kidnap her there, be careful, this news should come. Pappi smiles.

The lady asks Faltu not to be so sympathetic. She goes to give the egg to the customer. It falls and breaks. She cries out for the loss. Faltu says he will help you sell the eggs, he won’t run away. She takes a seat and sits down. She sells them. The man sees her and says yes, I’m seeing her, she’s at the station, what should I do?

It’s Ayaan who worries for Faltu. He throws the phone. Bua picks it up. He says office people are bothering me. She says you can’t lie to me. He says he’s marrying Tanisha. She says I’m just telling the truth. He says I’m happy and stress-free.

She asks do you love Faltu? She pacifies him and asks him to share his feelings. He says I left Faltu alone after promising her dad I could not stop her. Don’t blame yourself. It’s in her nature to be a cricketer. Forget about the promise Charan gave her. Close your eyes when I ask you: What face do you get, Tanisha or Faltu? It’s about your entire life. Faltu, Ayaan’s bride, Faltu, appears in front of Ayaan’s eyes.

He worries. She asks who has come in front. Janardhan says Ayaan, I don’t want to hear anything. He asks Bua not to talk in between. Tanisha asks what the fuss is all about. Janardhan says you were upset when we came to give you happiness. Kanika says they aren’t angry at you.

He says we got good news, Tanisha has named her shares to you. You’ll be proud of me because I chose the best bahu. Ayaan asks what, but why. She says I want to fulfil your dreams. Janardhan says he’s so happy today, come on, give me a hug. He hugs Ayaan and Tanisha. He says you’ll handle the new branch, and Kanika says Tanisha’s gift to you is amazing.

Tanisha says I’m going to do what I want. She asks him to accept the gift. Ayaan does and thanks, Tanisha. Tanisha says we’ll meet in the mandap now. Kanika wonders if Ayaan is thinking about Faltu.

As a recap:

Ayaan says I, my dreams, and my love aren’t as important as my dad. Pappi sees Faltu.

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